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Best PET Plastic Sheet Manufacturer

We provide top-quality PET plastic sheets with high transparency, strength, and thermoforming ease. Our clear PET sheets are competitively priced and guarantee excellent quality. They are a thermoplastic material that is fully recyclable and meets FDA Standards.

Why ONE PLASTIC is Trusted by 300+ Global Partners?

We are a leading PET plastic supplier in China. Through years of development, we have established good cooperation with over 300 customers from 50 countries. We are committed to providing high-quality products at competitive prices.
PET reliable raw material

Reliable Materials

Our clear PET plastic sheets are made from high-quality PET raw materials sourced from well-known Chinese PET chip suppliers, ensuring that our sheets are more transparent and durable.

First-Class Equipment

We are a leading PET plastic sheet rolls factory in China, utilizing the most advanced PET extrusion lines to produce highly transparent plastic sheets and rolls.

Strict QC

As one of China’s leading PET plastic sheet suppliers, we have established a comprehensive quality inspection system to ensure that you receive high-grade products.

Factory Direct Price

We are a leading plastic PET sheets manufacturer in China. Our factory has 10 PET production lines, and we are committed to providing wholesale PET plastic sheets and rolls.

Custom Packaging

As a top PET plastic sheet supplier, we offer customized packaging services. Whether you need PET plastic sheets or rolls, we can provide various options to suit your needs

ISO Certificated Factory

We are an ISO-certified PET plastic sheet supplier, committed to providing wholesale PET plastic sheets in rolls. Our transparent plastic sheets are more durable and have higher transparency.

ISO Certificated PET Sheet Factory

As one of the best PET plastic sheet manufacturers in China, we have been focused on manufacturing various types of plastic sheets for many years. We have access to reliable virgin and recycled material resources and an experienced team that can offer you the best and most suitable products for your needs.

Your Top Plastic Supplier

With quality plastic and responsive service, ONE PLASTIC ensures smooth cooperation in plastic product supply.

Competitive Price

Thanks to our years of scale production, you can enjoy our quality plastic at affordable prices.

Short Lead Time

With our skillful design and manufacturing capability, ONE PLASTIC provides plastic with quick delivery. 

Guarantee Quality

Our RoHS-certified plastic products are assured by strict in-house production and QC.

PET Plastic Sheet Manufacturer in China

As one of the top manufacturers of clear PET plastic sheets in China, ONE PLASTIC has 10 PET plastic extrusion lines. We are an ISO9001 certified factory, our factory produces a wide variety of plastic sheets, including BOPET film, PETG sheets, GAG sheets, and APET materials.

As a leading manufacturer of plastic PET sheets, ONE PLASTIC has established a strong reputation for delivering high-quality, clear, and safe PET plastic sheets to businesses of all sizes. 

We are ISO9001 certificate factory, our product range includes clear PET plastic sheets, as well as a variety of colored sheets in matte, black, yellow, and green finishes. 

At ONE PLASTIC, we understand the importance of competitive prices and exceptional customer service, so we are dedicated to delivering the best products and services to our clients. If you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner for your business, look no further than ONE PLASTIC.

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We are devoted to offering a wide range of cost-effective plastic materials, utilizing our extensive experience in the plastic manufacturing industry and robust R&D capabilities to provide one-stop solutions for our customers. 
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