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Anti-UV Light Dark Green PVC Rigid Film For Fence And Grass

Anti-UV light green and dark green PVC rigid film for grass fence, China leading PVC film manufacturer&supplier.


  • RY-265

  • 100% virgin PVC

  • Rolls In Bulk or Pallet

  • 50kgs One Roll


Seeking a blend of protection and beauty for your outdoor spaces? Our anti-UV light Dark Green PVC Rigid Film has you covered, quite literally. Tailored for those who desire robust safeguarding without compromising aesthetics, it's the prime choice for fences and grass areas. What's so special about this PVC film? Its potent anti-UV properties. While the sun showers its brilliance, it can also be harsh. This film offers a shield against those damaging UV rays, ensuring your fence and grass remain vibrant and unharmed, season after season.

Now, let's talk color. The dark green hue isn't just a random choice. It complements nature, providing a seamless integration with your garden or lawn. Whether it's a backyard, a golf course, or a park, our film enhances the landscape's beauty while ensuring protection. Durability? Top-notch. This isn't a film that wears out after a season. Crafted from high-quality PVC, it stands strong against the elements – be it rain, sun, or wind. Your investment today means prolonged protection for years to come.

Why let the sun dictate the health and look of your outdoor areas? Opt for our anti-UV PVC Film today and embrace a blend of protection and beauty!

Product Name Anti-UV Light Dark Green PVC Rigid Film For Fence And Grass


Dark Green, Light Green




Roll form by woven bags or packed with standard export pallet

Quality Grade

1). Recycle grade: 50% recycle + 50% virgin, 20% recycle +80% virgin

2). Normal grade: 100% virgin material

3). High grade: Environmental protection grade

More requirements

Flame retardant, UV-resistance


PVC rigid film for artificial grass fence,PVC green film for making artificial grass barrier


Around 22tons For 20'container


7-10 days for 10tons

10-15 days for one 20GP container

PVC fence grass film

Product Features

  1. Advanced UV protection, safeguarding against premature wear and tear.

  2. Aesthetically pleasing dark green color, blending seamlessly with natural surroundings.

  3. Superior rigidity, ensuring durability and resilience.

  4. Easy installation process, suitable for diverse applications.

PVC fence grass film

Product Application

The Anti-UV Light Dark Green PVC Rigid Film is primarily crafted for:

  1. Fencing solutions to add both appeal and protection.

  2. Grass covers, preserve the lushness while offering UV protection.

  3. Outdoor shade structures, blend aesthetics with functionality.

  4. Garden dividers, maintain privacy and beauty.

  5. Landscape design elements for added durability and style.

PVC fence grass film

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Located in China, ONE PLASTIC is recognized as a premier manufacturer and supplier in the PVC industry. From our cutting-edge factory, we are committed to delivering excellence across all facets of our operations. Our rigorous 100% quality inspection process guarantees that each product upholds our stringent standards. By harnessing the latest technology and superior materials, we provide products that are synonymous with high quality. Understanding the importance of timeliness, we prioritize fast delivery to cater to your urgent needs. Additionally, our factory-direct pricing model ensures that customers always receive outstanding value. When you opt for ONE PLASTIC, you're choosing an unparalleled fusion of innovation and quality in every anti-UV PVC Rigid Film.

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