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PVC Grey Sheet

PVC grey sheet is a type of grey-colored, rigid plastic sheet, and it is one of the most widely used members of the vinyl family. It has excellent chemical and weather resistance. Grey PVC sheets have a high strength-to-weight ratio and are good electrical and thermal insulators. PVC plastic also has self-extinguishing properties, as shown by UL flammability tests. 

Engineering PVC sheets are commonly used in chemical processing tanks, corrosion-resistant tanks, valves, ducts, fume hoods, and pipes. 

ONE PLASTIC is a leading PVC grey sheet factory in China, featuring advanced production lines that can produce PVC grey sheets in various thicknesses. By utilizing high-quality 100% virgin raw materials, years of industry experience, and competitive pricing, we have made a strong impression on our customers.In addition to standard 4x8 PVC grey sheets, we also offer a variety of customization services, such as color, thickness, and packaging options. Collaborating with us can help your business grow rapidly.

PVC Grey Sheet Features and Benefits

PVC Grey Sheet is a plastic material with many unique physical and chemical features, making it one of the top materials for engineering.
It keeps many characteristics of typical PVC, such as an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, good flame resistance, and exceptional chemical resistance.
drilling on grey PVC sheet

High Impact Strength


Engineering PVC grey sheet has excellent physical strength, it's very easy to work with. You can easily drill, engrave, cut, shape, and fabricate the Grey PVC Sheet according your special needs.

Low Flammability
Due to its high chlorine content, PVC plastic have fire safety properties. PVC grey sheet will ignite when exposed to a fire. However, they will cease burning if the ignition source is removed.

Chemical Resistance

The PVC Grey Sheet displays outstanding chemical stability, it is resistant to acid and alkali, suitable for various chemical processing containers.

Reliable Electrical Insulation

PVC grey sheets have higher volume resistivity and dielectric strength than many other plastics, making them suitable for electric cables, circuit boards, housings and other electrical applications.

Why Choose PVC Grey Sheet from ONE PLASTIC?

ONE PLASTIC maintains valuable partnerships with a range of packaging factories, contractors, distributors, and other tradespeople to ensure that you receive unparalleled quality, exceptional service, and special discounts.

100% Raw Material

ONE PLASTIC uses top-quality, virgin PVC resin raw materials from Sinopec to ensure that our PVC grey sheets have outstanding physical strength, chemical resistance, and durability.

100% Inspection

ONE PLASTIC implements an advanced quality control system, where seasoned inspectors thoroughly inspect and report on each batch of goods. This gives you complete confidence in the quality of our products.

Custom Services

ONE PLASTIC implements an advanced quality control system, where seasoned inspectors thoroughly inspect and report on each batch of goods. This gives you complete confidence in the quality of our products.

Factory Direct Price

ONE PLASTIC operates advanced production lines for PVC grey sheets with a monthly capacity of over 5000 tons, ensuring that you receive the most competitive prices and quickest lead times.

Full Set of Certificate

ONE PLASTIC is a ISO certified manufacturer in China with ten years of exporting experience. Our PVC grey sheets have received SGS certification and hold a complete set of certifications.

PVC Grey Sheet


PVC Grey Sheet - Specification Sheet

PVC Grey Sheet Thickness Chart
ITEM Dimensions Thickness Density Weights
1 PVC GREY SHEET 4*8 1MM 1.45g/cm3 4.32kgs
2 PVC GREY SHEET 4*8 2MM 1.45g/cm3 8.63kgs
3 PVC GREY SHEET 4*8 3MM 1.45g/cm3 12.95kgs
4 PVC GREY SHEET 4*8 4MM 1.45g/cm3 17.27kgs
5 PVC GREY SHEET 4*8 6MM 1.45g/cm3 25.90kgs
6 PVC GREY SHEET 4*8 8MM 1.45g/cm3 34.53kgs
7 PVC GREY SHEET 4*8 10MM 1.45g/cm3 43.16kgs
8 PVC GREY SHEET 4*8 13MM 1.45g/cm3 56.11kgs
13 PVC GREY SHEET 4*8 15MM 1.45g/cm3 64.75kgs
14 PVC GREY SHEET 4*8 16MM 1.45g/cm3 69.06kgs

Low-Cost PVC Grey Board from the Leading Factory

At ONE PLASTIC, we are committed to offering prompt and comprehensive support, adhering to rigorous quality standards, and delivering customer-centric solutions and expert advice, which has earned us a solid reputation in the industry. Our aim is to provide a range of effective solutions to foster the growth of your business.

PVC Grey Sheet Factory

PVC grey board 2
PVC grey board 1
PVC grey board 4
PVC grey board 5
PVC grey board 6

ONE PLASTIC is among the most trusted PVC Grey Sheet manufacturers and suppliers in China.

Our company has three factories, 18 production workshops, and three research laboratories, covering a factory area of 6,000 square meters and producing 20,000 tons annually. 

We manufacturing various thickness PVC rigid sheets from 1MM to 30MM, besides the regular size 1220*2440MM,we also provide cut-to-size service.

You are free to reach out to us if you wish to know more about our products and services.

Innovative PVC Grey Board Materials for Your Needs

ONE PLASTIC uses virgin PVC raw materials and boasts the most advanced expanded production line, coupled with extensive manufacturing expertise. Our PVC Grey Sheet with ISO9001 certified

PVC Grey Board Factory With ISO9001 Certification

ONE PLASTIC uses virgin PVC raw materials and boasts the most advanced expanded production line, coupled with extensive manufacturing expertise. Our PVC Grey Sheet with ISO9001 certified, ensuring that you receive the highest quality products available in the industry

At ONE PLASTIC, our staff is committed to producing high-quality Grey PVC Sheets consistently. 

This involves helping to ensure that client requirements are accurately understood and matched with the suitable manufacturer. Our specialized Quality Inspection Department ensures that the supply chain operates with quality awareness. 

Our R&D team has over 10 years of combined experience and practical knowledge of all kinds of plastic sheets&rolls as well as direct links to the world’s leading manufacturers.

Professional PVC Grey Board Fabrication Services

As one of the leading PVC Grey Sheet factory in China, ONE PLASTIC can customize PVC sheets for our clients. Not only we make plastic sheets but we can also design, fabricate, machining and ship them for you. ONE PLASTIC would be your best pick because we have the following services:

PVC Grey Sheet Engraving

We can provide a range of engraving services on your Grey PVC sheet surfaces, using our high-precision CNC engraving machine that can cater to your diverse needs.

PVC Grey Sheet Processing

ONE PLASTIC provide all kinds of processing service, just share your idea, our professional design team will turn your idea into reality.

PVC Grey Sheet Milling

PVC grey sheet can be used to make fabricated parts and spacers for various machines, electronics, instruments and other equipment.


PVC Grey Sheet Cutting

Our factory is equipped with a professional CNC cutting machine, which can offer free PVC grey sheet cut-to-size service to suit your specific requirements.

Cut-to-Size PVC Grey Sheet for Your Specific Needs

We are a leading PVC grey sheet factory in China, equipped with advanced CNC machinery and staffed by professional technicians, capable of providing a wide range of plastic processing services, like cutting, bending, processing, engraving, routing.

ONE PLASTIC is a leading manufacturer of PVC Grey Sheets in China. We have a team of experienced designers who can provide custom-made services that suit your unique needs. We offer various services such as cutting, processing, drilling, bending, engraving, and more. We use the most advanced CNC and laser engraving technology at our company, and our skilled technicians have a wealth of experience in processing. Since our establishment, we have successfully delivered solutions for a wide range of complex client challenges. By partnering with our factory, you can benefit from our competitive direct-from-factory prices and extensive industry experience, enabling us to provide customized services tailored to your unique requirements.

PVC Grey Sheet Uses

Corrosion-resistant tanks: PVC grey sheet can be used to make various tanks for storing chemicals, water, food and other liquids, because it has excellent chemical corrosion resistance, which can prevent liquid leakage or contamination.
Pipes and fume hoods: PVC grey sheet can be used to make pipes for conveying various gases or liquids, and fume hoods for removing harmful gases or smoke, because it has good electrical and thermal insulation properties, which can prevent sparks or overheating.
Fabricated parts and spacers: PVC grey sheet can be used to make fabricated parts and spacers for various machines, electronics, instruments and other equipment, because it has high strength and rigidity, as well as excellent fire ratings, which can improve the stability and safety of the equipment.
Tank linings: PVC grey sheet can be used to make the inner linings of tanks, to increase the durability and sealability of the tanks, as well as protect the quality of the stored substances.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed the most frequently asked questions about our PVC Grey Sheet here for your reference, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.
  • How can we determine if PVC grey sheets are made from virgin materials or recycled materials?

    To differentiate between virgin and recycled PVC grey sheets, consider the following characteristics:

    1. Color: Virgin material PVC grey sheets typically have a lighter color, while recycled material PVC grey sheets have a darker color due to impurities and the presence of previously used materials.

    2. Density: Virgin PVC grey sheets usually have a lower density, around 1.45, whereas recycled PVC grey sheets have a higher density. The lower density in virgin materials contributes to their improved strength and quality.

    3. Strength: PVC grey sheets made from virgin materials generally offer better strength, durability, and overall performance compared to those made from recycled materials.

    4. Weight: Recycled PVC grey sheets tend to be heavier due to the presence of additives like calcium powder, which is commonly used to lower production costs.

    By examining these factors, you can make a more informed decision when distinguishing between virgin and recycled PVC grey sheets.

  • What is the minimum order quantity for PVC grey sheets?

    Our company consistently maintains a large stock of PVC grey sheets. For regular sizes, we can provide small quantities for testing purposes. If you require a special size or specification, our minimum order quantity is 1 ton.
  • What is the lead time for PVC grey sheets?

    Our company is a leading PVC grey sheets manufacturer in China, with a monthly capacity of over 5000 tons. Our delivery lead time for orders is typically 7-10 days.
  • Can PVC grey sheets be customized with logos?

    Yes, we offer OEM services. The PE film protective layer on PVC grey sheets can be personalized with logos to accommodate your specific requirements.
  • What are the dimensions and thickness options for PVC grey sheets?

    The standard size of PVC grey sheets is 4'x8', and the standard thicknesses range from 1mm to 25mm. They can also be customized to fit your unique size and thickness needs.
  • What are the benefits of using PVC grey sheets?

    PVC grey sheets offer excellent physical strength, chemical resistance, and durability.
  • What are PVC grey sheets made of?

    PVC grey sheets are made of high-quality, virgin PVC resin.

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