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RPET Sheet

RPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic sheet is a type of thermoplastic plastic material made from recycled PET bottles and other PET plastics. 
It is known for its clarity, strength, and sustainability, and is commonly used in the manufacturing of packaging products, such as food containers, trays, and blister packaging. Being non-toxic and not containing any harmful chemicals, it is an ideal choice for food packaging.
Additionally, RPET plastic sheets can be easily recycled after use, which significantly reduces resource waste and white pollution.
ONE PLASTIC is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of RPET plastic sheet in China, providing reliable APET sheets, PETG sheets, GAG sheets, and other plastics.

Why Use RPET Sheets?

 The white pollution generated from plastic materials, such as plastic bottles, packaging, plastic bags, not only harmful to the environment but also leads to a shortage of natural resources.
ONE PLASTIC is dedicated to reducing environmental pollution by providing high-quality, recyclable, and eco-friendly plastic materials.
Our RPET plastic sheets include 20-25% recycled PET plastics as raw material, which allow us can reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills, oceans, and other natural environments. 
By purchasing our RPET plastic products, let's unite and make significant contributions to protecting the environment and reducing pollution together.

Advantages of RPET Sheet

RPET plastic sheets are manufactured using recycled PET materials, resulting in a lower price compared to APET plastic sheets. However, they maintain the same transparency, strength, and food safety as virgin PET plastic.

Eco Friendly

RPET plastic sheets use clear, non-toxic, recycled PET bottle recycling materials, making them safe and environmentally friendly for direct food contact. 
PET sheet for vacuum forming7

Good Transparent

RPET plastic sheets have excellent transparency and impact resistance, making them suitable for packaging, and custom thermoforming applications.

Lower Price

RPET plastic sheets are made from recycled materials, such as transparent water bottles, which makes them has a great cost performance.


RPET plastic sheets can be fully recycled like PET plastic, and they can also be used to produce other products such as textiles, carpets, fibers, and more.

Your Professional RPET Sheet Supplier

As a leading RPET Plastic Sheets supplier in China, our company has established long and stable partnerships with over 300 clients from more than 50 countries. By partnering with our company, we can help your business achieve significant growth.

Reliable Raw Material

We use reliable recycle PET raw materials from reputable suppliers to ensure our RPET plastic sheets match food grade requirement.


100% Inspection

ONE PLASTIC has a comprehensive quality inspection system, we require that every batch of RPET sheets leaving the factory be inspected to ensure that you receive high-quality products.

Custom Packaging

Our company offers customized RPET sheets, including size, thickness, packaging, and personalized logo films and cartons. We can accommodate your unique requirements.

Factory Direct Price

We have ten advanced PET sheets extension lines with a monthly capacity of over 5000 tons, ensuring you receive the most competitive prices.


Fast Delivery

As a leading RPET sheet factory, we have a monthly production capacity of 5000 tons, which allows us to complete your orders in a timely manner.

RPET Sheet 


China RPET Sheet Manufacturer

ONE PLASTIC maintains valuable partnerships with a range of packaging factories, contractors, distributors, and other trades people to ensure that you receive unparalleled quality, exceptional service, and special discounts.

ONE PLASTIC is a China leading manufacturer in RPET sheet industry, Our factory committed to implementing modern plastic extension manufacturing processes and equipment to ensure efficient and competitive production.
Our strong partnerships with reliable recycled PET raw material suppliers guarantee that the RPET plastic sheets we produced have high transparency, strength, and food safety.
With ten advanced plastic extrusion lines, our monthly production capacity exceeds 5000 tons, this enable us to offer highly competitive prices and ensure timely delivery to all types of clients.

RPET Plastic Sheet Series

RPET plastic sheets provide an excellent cost-performance ratio, making them a versatile material that can be processed into different types and used for various purposes. Which including antistatic sheets, double-sided PE protective film sheets, silicone-coated sheets, and color sheets that can be customized to meet customer requirements.

RPET Sheet With GRS Certificate

ONE PLASTIC has been a long-standing player in the PET manufacturing industry, sourcing recycled PET raw material from reliable suppliers to produce RPET Plastic Sheets with high transparency and excellent physical strength. 
GRS certificate

Our RPET plastic sheets have the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification. GRS is an internationally recognized standard for tracking and verifying recycled materials in products.
The GRS certification ensures that our RPET plastic sheets contain a specified minimum amount of recycled materials, and that these materials are properly tracked and documented throughout the production process.
We use reliable source of the recycled materials, ensuring that RPET sheets are processed in an environmentally friendly manner, and tracking the final product through to the end consumer.

As a leading China RPET sheet factory in China, our competitive retail pricing, swift responsiveness, and extensive industry experience have left a lasting impression on our customers. Our high-quality RPET plastic will ensure that your products meet the highest quality standards.

RPET Sheet Applications

RPET plastic sheets are manufactured from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a common thermoplastic polymer resin used in various applications. They are widely used in packaging, laminating, and thermoforming industries. 

Some examples of RPET Plastic Sheets uses include food packaging for fresh meat, processed meat, poultry, fish; medical packaging; MAP and vacuum packaging; and electronic product trays, folding boxes, and other rigid packaging products.
ONE PLASTIC is a leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of RPET plastic sheets in China. We have been working with companies of different sizes who are looking for durable and non-toxic RPET sheets at wholesale prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed the most frequently asked questions about our RPET sheets here for your reference, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.
  • Is RPET plastic sheet more expensive than APET plastic sheet?

    The price of RPET plastic sheet can vary depending on the supply and demand of recycled PET materials. However, it is generally comparable to the price of APET plastic sheet.
  • What is the difference between APET and RPET plastic sheet?

    APET plastic sheet is made from virgin PET resin, while RPET plastic sheet is made from recycled PET bottles and other PET plastics. RPET plastic sheet is a more sustainable option as it helps to reduce waste and conserve resources.
  • What are the advantages of using RPET plastic sheet?

    RPET plastic sheet is known for its clarity, strength, and sustainability. By using recycled PET, it helps to reduce waste and conserve resources. Additionally, it can be easily recycled again after use, making it a popular choice for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainability.
  • Is RPET plastic sheet recyclable?

    Yes, RPET plastic sheet can be easily recycled after use, reducing resource waste and white pollution significantly.
  • Is RPET plastic sheet safe for food packaging?

    Yes, RPET plastic sheet has passed SGS Food Contact Material Safety Testing, it’s non-toxic and does not contain any harmful chemicals, making it an ideal choice for food packaging.
  • How is RPET plastic sheet made?

    RPET plastic sheet is made by collecting and cleaning post-consumer PET bottles and other PET plastics. The clean PET flakes are then melted and extruded into sheets that can be used for various applications.
  • What is RPET plastic sheet?

    RPET plastic sheet is a type of thermoplastic material made from recycled PET bottles and other PET plastics. It is commonly used in the manufacturing of packaging products, such as food containers, trays, and blister packaging.

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