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PVC Fence Grass Film

PVC fence grass film is an rigid plastic film, perfect for crafting artificial fences or grass barriers. Typically available in deep green and light green shades, it boasts an embossed surface. Made from eco-friendly PVC material, it comes in various thicknesses and widths, offering exceptional UV resistance and excellent weatherability. This ensures that it maintains its color, even after 3-5 years of outdoor use.
The versatile applications of PVC fence grass film primarily include artificial fences, lawns, and other decorative elements. 

At ONE PLASTIC, our PVC fence grass film is known for its vibrant colors, remarkable tensile and tear strength, and impressive durability due to high-grade UV-resistant additives.

PVC Grass Fence Film Advantages

PVC fence grass film is a type of PVC rigid plastic film for artificial grass fence with a matte surface, known for its exceptional weathering and tearing resistance, as well as its self-extinguishing properties. 
PVC fence grass film tear resistance

Tear Resistance


With its outstanding tear resistance, PVC fence grass film can be effortlessly sliced into strips and crafted into artificial fence barriers.
PVC Christmas film fire resistance

Fire Resistant

PVC fence grass film boasts a superb self-extinguishing property and B1 grade fire resistance, making it suitable for indoor decoration applications.
UV resistance of PVC fence grass film

UV Resistant

PVC fence grass film features outstanding UV resistance, ensuring it remains highly resistant to direct sunlight and prevents fading.
weather resistance

Weather Resistance

PVC rigid film for artificial grass fence production is waterproof, making it ideal for outdoor applications.

 What makes us difference?

At ONE PLASTIC, our PVC fence grass film is known for its vibrant colors, remarkable tensile and tear strength, and impressive durability due to high-grade UV-resistant additives.

Virgin Material

At ONE PLASTIC, we utilize premium PVC resin powder sourced from Sinopec, along with high-quality imported additives, to create remarkably durable and strong PVC rigid film.

100% Inspection

ONE PLASTIC boasts a sophisticated quality control system, with expert inspectors diligently examining and reporting on every product batch. This ensures you can trust the  quality of our offerings.

Factory Price

Boasting ten advanced PVC calendar lines and a monthly capacity exceeding 5000 tons, we at ONE PLASTIC guarantee competitive pricing and swift lead times for our valued clients.


Certifice Factory 

With a decadDe of export experience and a complete set of certifications, we at ONE PLASTIC are a leading PVC fence grass film manufacturer. 



Leading PVC Grass Fence Film Manufacturer

We are committed to providing technical support and high-quality standards and offering customer-centric solutions and sound advice, which has helped us build a growing reputation. 
PVC film production lines5(1)(1)
PVC film production lines4(1)
PVC film production lines2(1)

We produce vibrant and durable PVC fence grass film, offering a wide range of colors like dark green and light green colours.
We also provide customization options to create a unique color tailored to your specific needs.
Partner with us to gain access to high-quality fence grass film at competitive prices. 

Our extensive production experience of over ten years, along with our dedicated customer service, ensures that we deliver products and services that exceed your expectations.
Our goal is to help you achieve sustainable business growth.

Why Choose PVC Grass Fence Film from ONE PLASTIC?

ONE PLASTIC utilizes 100% virgin PVC resin as the raw material and takes pride in having the most advanced PVC film production line and comprehensive manufacturing experience. 

With decades of experience in this field, we take great pride in the expertise of our professional production technicians and the quality of our products. Our factory is equipped with a comprehensive QC system, ensuring that each batch of our PVC film undergoes rigorous inspection to guarantee its high quality.Thanks to our advanced production line, we are able to complete orders within 7-10 days. 

Additionally, our small production line allows us to accept orders with a minimum quantity of less than one ton. We take pride in our ability to perfectly match any color you require, no matter how unique.

Our PVC Grass Fence Film Series

ONE PLASTIC is a top manufacturer of PVC fence grass film in China, boasting over a decade of expertise in production. We provide an extensive selection of PVC fence grass film in various thicknesses and specifications.

Specification Data Sheet

    Mechanical Performance Stretch
    Mpa 56.3/53.8
    Heating Retractility
    % 4.5/+2
    Short Breakage % 0
    Vapor Penetrability g/m2(24h) 1.40
    Oxygen Penetrability cm3/ m2(24h)
    Heat Intension N/ 15mm 8.5
    Density g/cm3 1.36
    Barium   None
    Vinyl Chloride Monomer mg/kg <0.1
    Oxidable Substances ml 1.26
    Heavy Metal mg/kg < 1
    Straight Ethane mg 6.8
    65% Ethanol mg 4.5
    Water mg 5.0


This product has become popular in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The standard colors for PVC grass fence film are light green and dark green, but we also offer customizable color options to suit your needs.

PVC grass fence film boasts exceptional physical and chemical characteristics, such as remarkable weather resistance, tear resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and UV light resistance. Moreover, it is self-extinguishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed the most frequently asked questions about our PVC fence grass film here for your reference, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.
  • Are you trading company or manufacturer?

    We are professional PVC sheet manufacturer of 10 years experience,there are 9 PVC rigid sheet extrusion lines in our factory,our monthly capacity for PVC sheet rolls is 2500tons, if you have interests welcome to visit our factory.
  • Can ONE PLASTIC add logo on the protective film?

    Yes,as a leading PVC transparent sheet roll factory,ONE PLASTIC provide custom protective PE film,but it depends on your order volume.
  • Can ONE PLASTIC provide custom colours for PVC sheet?

    Yes.our factory can provide PVC sheet with custom colours,please note there is no MOQ for clear PVC sheet,but the MOQ of colorful PVC sheet is 1tons.,But we accept lower MOQ for other regular cols,such as transparent PVC sheet,white PVC sheet,black PVC sheet,grey PVC sheet red PVC sheet and printed PVC sheet.
  • How many production lines do you have?

    We are PVC sheet factory with 10 years manufacturering experience.There are 5 extruded &4 calendar PVC sheet production lines in our factory,our monthly production capacity is about 2500tons.
  • What service you can provide?

    We are professional rigid PVC sheet suppliers in China.There is a plastic machining center&professional technician in our factory,we can provide all types of plastic machining service,such as custom cut PVC sheet like cutting,printing ,folding ,shaping and so on.

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As a customer from Iran, I'm extremely satisfied with ONE PLASTIC's high-quality PVC fence grass film, swift delivery, and excellent customer service. I look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future.

                          Iran PVC fence manufacturer

                              Reza Farzaneh

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