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Anti-Fog PET Sheet

PET stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate, a thermoplastic polymer resin that is widely used in packaging, electrical and textile industries. PET sheets are transparent, lightweight, and have excellent mechanical properties. Anti-fog PET sheets are PET sheets with an added layer of coating that prevents the formation of fog on the surface of the sheet. The coating contains hydrophilic (water-loving) molecules that attract water droplets and spread them evenly on the surface of the sheet, preventing the formation of fog.

What is an Anti-fog PET Sheet?


The Anti-fog PET film is regular PET plastic with anti-fog oil coating on PET sheet surfaces. It's eco-friendly and recyclable plastic materials, with high-tech anti-fog treatment, it can maintain the anti-fog property in the long term. It does not contain harmful poisonous substances, which can meet food safety and medical regulations. It's suitable for anti-fog visual packaging of food, anti-fog face mask etc.


Anti-fog PET sheet


How Does an Anti-fog PET Sheet Work?


The Anti-fog PET film consists of five layers: two outer layers of PE protective film, two inner layers of anti-fog oil, and a highly transparent PET sheet in the middle. The film possesses high impact strength and can be die-cut into various shapes. When using the PET anti-fog film, it is necessary to remove the outer two layers of PE film.

Anti-fog PET sheets work on the principle of surface energy. When the temperature or humidity changes, water droplets form on the surface of the sheet, reducing its clarity. However, the coating on the anti-fog PET sheet contains hydrophilic molecules that attract water droplets and spread them evenly on the surface of the sheet. This prevents the formation of fog and ensures the clarity of the sheet.


anti-fog plastic sheet structure


Benefits of Using Anti-fog PET Sheets


● Improved visibility: Anti-fog PET sheets improve the visibility of the content inside the packaging by preventing fogging.

● Enhanced shelf-life: Fogging can reduce the shelf-life of the product by creating a moist environment inside the packaging. Anti-fog PET sheets prevent the formation of fog and keep the product fresh for a longer period.

● Cost-effective: Anti-fog PET sheets are cost-effective as they eliminate the need for additional anti-fogging agents or ventilation systems.

● Easy to use: Anti-fog PET sheets are easy to use and can be customized according to the requirements of the application.

Anti-fog PET sheet application


Applications of Anti-fog PET Sheets


Anti-fog PET sheets find their applications in various industries such as:

● Anti-fog PET Sheets in Food Packaging Industry

The food packaging industry extensively uses anti-fog PET sheets to package food items such as fruits, vegetables, and meat. Anti-fog PET sheets prevent the formation of fog inside the packaging, keeping the food fresh and visible.

● Anti-fog PET Sheets in Agriculture Industry

The agriculture industry uses anti-fog PET sheets for greenhouse roofing and covering. The anti-fogging property of the sheet ensures maximum light transmission, preventing the formation of fog that can reduce the crop yield.

● Anti-fog PET Sheets in Medical Industry

The medical industry uses anti-fog PET sheets for packaging medical equipment and devices. The anti-fogging property of the sheet ensures the visibility of the equipment, enabling easy


China Anti-fog PET sheet


Packing and Delivery

We are a company with more than ten years of experience in producing and exporting Anti-fog PET sheets to clients all over the world. We take pride in not only offering standard packaging options but also providing customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our customization services include logo design, cardboard box customization, and specialized pallets in various sizes.

Here is the packing details of Anti-fog PET sheets
● 100 sheets per bag
● Outer Package: standard export polywood pallet or according to customer's requirements.
● Pallets Packing: around 1000kg per wooden pallet
● Container loading: 22 tons in a 20GP
● Sea Port: SHANGHAI or NINGBO sea port
● Production Leading time: 7 days for less than 5tons, 10-15 days for 20GP container
Anti-fog PET sheet packing details


Our Certificate

We are a leading manufacturer of Anti-fog PET sheets in China, with over a decade of production expertise. Our products have been certified with ISO9001 and have undergone rigorous testing by reputable organizations such as SGS and BV. We take pride in our commitment to quality and are dedicated to producing top-grade Anti-fog PET sheets for our valued clients.


factory certificate


About Our Factory


ONE PLASTIC, a prominent supplier of Anti-fog PET plastic sheets in China. During our early years, we focused on adopting advanced technology and production equipment, and implementing strict manufacturing steps and a quality control system. Through continuous investment in manufacturing facilities and over a decade of experience in plastic packaging, we have become a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging products.
In addition to supplying Anti-fog PET sheets, we also offer PET sheets & Film, PETG film, APET film, RPET film, GAG film, BOPET film, and other plastic materials.


PET factory environment





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