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Clear Rigid PVC Sheet

Our clear rigid PVC sheets are durable, lightweight, and have excellent clarity, making them ideal for a wide range of applications such as signage, displays, and packaging.


  • RY-440

  • 100% virgin PVC

  • Inner Side PE Film+Outter Side Kraft Paper+Polywood Pallet

  • 700mm*1000mm, 915mm*1830mm, 1220mm*2440mm or customized


Imagine a world where durability meets crystal clarity. Our Clear Rigid PVC Sheet is the embodiment of that vision, offering both toughness and a pristine, transparent finish. Designed for diverse applications, this sheet is your ally in projects that demand a see-through yet robust material. Why choose our Clear Rigid PVC Sheet? Its transparent nature ensures nothing comes between you and your view. Engineered to resist wear, it stands the test of time. From protective screens to creative installations, its applications are vast. Craftsmen, professionals, and DIY enthusiasts alike find our PVC sheet to be a game-changer. Its adaptability means it fits seamlessly into any endeavor, marrying function with aesthetics flawlessly. Whether you're curating a protective barrier or building an art installation, this sheet promises performance without compromising on clarity. Dive into projects with a clear vision.

Our Clear Rigid PVC Sheet invites you to experience unparalleled quality and precision. Secure yours today and witness your projects elevate with unmatched clarity and resilience.

Product Name Clear Rigid PVC Sheet
Cols Light Green, Dark Green, yellow, blue, white, brown, etc
Emboss 002,003
Packaging Roll form by woven bags or packed with standard export pallet
Quality Grade 1). Recycle grade: 50% recycle + 50% virgin, 20% recycle +80% virgin

2). Normal grade: 100% virgin material

3). High grade: Environmental protection grade
More requirements Flame retardant, UV-resistance
Application PVC rigid film for making Christmas tree leaves, Garland, Grass fence, etc
Quantity Around 22tons For 20'container
Delivery 7-10 days for 10tons
10-15 days for one 20GP container

Products Advantages

  1. Crystal Clear: Provides an impeccable, unobstructed view.

  2. High Durability: Engineered to resist wear, tear, and environmental factors.

  3. Chemical Resistant: Stands strong against a variety of solvents and chemicals.

  4. Versatile Applications: Suitable for a myriad of uses across different sectors.

Product Applications

The Clear Rigid PVC Sheet has carved its niche in a range of sectors. In the architectural and interior design world, it serves as partitions, window panes, and decorative panels. It's also invaluable in industrial setups for protective screens, machinery covers, and as a base for signage. Additionally, its clarity makes it popular for product packaging, ensuring products are showcased in their true essence.

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About ONE Plastic

Amidst China's sprawling industrial landscape, ONE PLASTIC proudly leads the charge in plastic innovation. By choosing our Clear Rigid PVC Sheet, you're not simply making a choice; you're forging a partnership with quality. Our factory-direct pricing model ensures you experience top-tier quality without overstepping your budgetary constraints. Manufactured in an ISO-certified facility, our products consistently adhere to and often exceed global quality benchmarks, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence. Recognizing the pivotal role of time in today's projects, we've optimized our operations for swift deliveries, synchronizing seamlessly with your project timelines. Furthermore, our competitive wholesale pricing offers solutions tailored to both bulk and individual requirements. Welcome to a realm where clarity meets resilience, and trust is synonymous with ONE PLASTIC's Clear Rigid PVC Sheet. Illuminate your projects with transparency and strength.

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