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Plastic Artificial Christmas Tree Stand

This plastic artificial Christmas tree stand is made of lighter weight plastic raw material. It is not easily broken or faded, and has excellent physical strength, making it reliable and durable. This Christmas tree stand is strong and solid, so you can use it with confidence for a long time.
  • Plastic Artificial Christmas Tree Stand


  • RY-315

  • Plastic

  • polywoven bags

  • 10CM,12CM,15CM,20CM


Holidays deserve perfection, and our Plastic Artificial Christmas Tree Stand is here to ensure just that. Set the stage for a festive wonderland in your living space. Experience stability like never before. Crafted meticulously, this stand promises to hold your tree with unwavering support. No more anxiously checking if your adorned tree is leaning! With our stand, it stays put, letting you revel in the festive merriment without worry.

Its sleek design complements any décor, adding a touch of modern elegance to traditional festivities. And while it's strong, it doesn't sacrifice style. The neutral finish ensures it effortlessly merges into the background, letting your tree be the star. Ease isn't an afterthought. Setting up becomes a breeze with intuitive mechanisms that cater to all. No fumbling, no frustration, just a seamless experience that leaves you more time for the joys of the season.

Don't let concerns about durability deter you. Our stand is built to last, with a promise to be by your side, anchoring your celebrations for many Christmases. In a world of festive options, make the choice that combines strength, style, and simplicity. Invest in our Plastic Artificial Christmas Tree Stand.

Why wait for the festive rush? Secure the base of your celebrations now. Order today and elevate your holiday experience!



01 0.80MM 10CM 30/60CM Christmas Trees
02 0.80MM 12CM 90CM Christmas Trees
03 2.00MM 15CM 120CM Regular Christmas Trees
04 2.00MM 20CM 120CM Pine Needles Christmas Tree or 150CM Regular Christmas Trees

Product Advantages

  1. Superior Stability: Engineered design ensures your tree stays firmly in place.

  2. Long-Lasting Durability: Made from high-quality plastic resistant to wear and breakage.

  3. Easy Assembly: User-friendly design for quick setup without the need for tools.

  4. Versatile Fit: Accommodates a variety of artificial Christmas tree sizes.

Product Applications

This Plastic Artificial Christmas Tree Stand is a game-changer for homes, offices, malls, and event spaces looking to showcase their artificial Christmas trees without worrying about them toppling over. Its universal design ensures compatibility with a broad range of tree sizes, making it a must-have accessory for every holiday enthusiast.

plastic Christmas tree stand

About ONE Plastic

ONE PLASTIC, hailing from China, has established its reputation as a leading supplier and manufacturer in the realm of artificial Christmas tree accessories. With innovation and excellence at the heart of our operations, our distinguished factory showcases some key advantages that set us apart. We use brand-new raw materials in our manufacturing process, ensuring that each Christmas tree stand is built for both durability and longevity. Our factory-direct pricing model is designed to pass on tremendous value to our esteemed customers. Operating from an ISO-certified factory, our commitment to impeccable quality is unwavering. Moreover, our promise of fast delivery times ensures our clients are well-prepared for the upcoming festive celebrations. For vibrant and dependable festive solutions, place your trust in ONE PLASTIC.

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