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A4 Lenticular Sheet Custom Size And Shape Lenticular Sheet 50 Lpi For Printing

Factory direct price Lenticular Sheet 75 Lpi 3D Lenticular Printing Lens factory, China leading PET plastic sheet manufacturer&supplier.
  • 3D Lenticular Sheet


  • RY-230

  • PET

  • Inner Side PE Film+Outter Side Kraft Paper+Polywood Pallet

  • 510*710MM or customized size


In the world of printing, precision and quality can make or break the final product. Our A4 Lenticular Sheet, optimized with a fine 50 LPI (lines per inch), ensures every print stands out with unparalleled clarity and depth. Whether you're crafting dynamic visuals or creating 3D effects, this sheet will make your designs come to life, providing a rich, immersive experience. Beyond its optimal LPI, the adaptability of this sheet is its crown jewel. It can be tailored to custom sizes and shapes, ensuring you have the perfect canvas for every project, regardless of its dimensions. This flexibility means no compromises, no adjustments, just pure, unbridled creativity.

In the dynamic realm of printing materials, our Lenticular Sheet is an undeniable front-runner. It guarantees sharp, vibrant prints while offering the adaptability to fit bespoke requirements. For those who refuse to settle for anything but the best in printing, our A4 Lenticular Sheet with 50 LPI is the answer. It's the perfect amalgamation of precision, adaptability, and excellence.

Ready to redefine your printing standards? Dive into a world of unmatched clarity and flexibility. Opt for our custom-size A4 Lenticular Sheet today and let your prints speak volumes!

Product Highlight Customized Precision: Adapting to Every Creative Vision
Standard Size A4, ensuring compatibility with most standard printing equipment
LPI Brilliance 50 LPI (Lines Per Inch), delivering sharp, high-resolution 3D and animated effects
Material Excellence Premium-grade lenticular plastic ensures clarity and durability
Customizability Available in bespoke shapes and sizes to fit unique project needs
Printing Prowess Optimally designed for both offset and digital printing techniques
Visual Depth The lenticular design offers multi-layered visual effects, from 3D depth to dynamic motion
Versatility in Application Ideal for promotional materials, postcards, posters, and other print media
Eco-Conscious Production Produced with recyclability in mind, minimizing environmental footprint
Safety & Compliance Manufactured adhering to international standards, ensuring user safety
Craftsmanship Assurance Each sheet is meticulously crafted to uphold the highest quality standards

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Product Advantages

  1. Dynamic multi-image prints, offering a visual experience like no other.

  2. Precise 50 LPI, ensuring smooth image transitions and clarity.

  3. Customizable to specific sizes and shapes, catering to unique project requirements.

  4. High-quality material, promising longevity and resistance to wear.

  5. Eco-friendly, underlining our commitment to sustainability.

Product Applications

The A4 Lenticular Sheet, custom-sized and shaped with 50 LPI, is ideal for:

  1. Marketing brochures and posters, capturing audience attention instantly.

  2. Novelty items such as postcards, bookmarks, and collector cards.

  3. Art projects, bringing a unique dynamic element to the canvas.

  4. Product packaging, offering an interactive brand experience.

  5. Event passes and tickets, enhancing the overall aesthetic value.

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From the technological powerhouse of China, ONE PLASTIC distinguishes itself as the go-to brand for revolutionary printing solutions. Harnessing the capabilities of our cutting-edge factory, we're steadfast in delivering unmatched value to our clientele. This commitment is underscored by our factory-direct pricing, ensuring that world-class quality remains affordable. Our adherence to ISO-certified processes speaks volumes about our relentless pursuit of international excellence. With our ever-evolving product lineup, developed through meticulous innovation, we serve a vast spectrum of printing needs. Our streamlined delivery systems guarantee that creative visions are brought to life efficiently. Step into a new dimension of vibrant visuals with ONE PLASTIC's A4 Lenticular Sheet.

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