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China Factory PET Lenticular Sheet 50 Lpi/70 Lpi/75 Lpi/100 Lpi for 3D Printing

Factory direct price China Factory PET Lenticular Sheet 50 Lpi/70 Lpi/75 Lpi/100 Lpi for 3D Printing, China leading PET sheet manufacturer&supplier.
  • 3D Lenticular Sheet


  • RY-230

  • PET

  • Inner Side PE Film+Outter Side Kraft Paper+Polywood Pallet

  • 510*710MM or customized size


The raw material of 60LPI Lenticular Lens Sheet is PET plastic. It's a transparent plastic sheet with small lines on the face side and smooth surface on the back side. With these small lines ,it could transform a 2D image into visual illusions. When the orientation of a 3D lenticular sheet is changed,we can see the special effects.

Lpi means how many lines per inch, for example 161Lpi means there are 161 lines per inch. 3D Lenticular sheets printing technology is a high-tech imaging printing process that allows us to get the images closer to reality.

Item Name
PET Lenticular Sheet 50 Lpi/70 Lpi/75 Lpi/100 Lpi
Brand Name
Model Number
Recyclable,Eco-friendly,Waterproof,High impact strength.
PET, Polyester
3D Lenticular Printing 
Top High
LPI 50/75/90/100/120/150

Product Features

Making a beautiful 3D printing is the association of art and science.The choice of the right 3D lenticular sheet is equally important as the choice of a beautiful scene.Like other plastics, there are many different types of 3D lenticular sheets for different applications.Generally, there are eight parameters to help you to decide what kind of worksheet you want to use in your project:

1. Raw Material

Depending on the applications, they are usually made of the following material: PMMA, APET, PETG, polycarbonate, polypropylene, PVC and polystyrene. For DIY projects, you may choose Acrylic 3D lenticular sheet or PET 3D lenticular sheet. The price of acrylic is usually higher than that of other materials.

2. Density of lenses

LPI (lens or lines per inch) is the main parameter of the 3D lenticular sheet. The regular LPI are 10, 15, 20, 30, 42, 60, 75, 100, 161 and 200. We usually choose 10,15,30,40,60 for inkjet printing.

3. Thickness

Thinkness is another important parameter of PET 3D lenticular sheet.There is an inverse correlation between thickness and LPI. It is measured in inches or mm and affects the picture depth from 0.25 mm to 6.3 mm. The smaller the LPI, the thicker the 3D lenticular sheet will be.

4. Viewing Angle

 It is a V-shape area within which a lenticular image can be seen clearly. Generally speaking, the angle of view is a guide for determining the type of effect. The small angle of view allows the image to be very sensitive to change in the sense that the viewer only has to move his head a little, and he will be able to see another group of images.

With wide angle lenses, the viewer can make a relatively larger head turn to see a different set of images so the change is not so sensitive. Because of this, narrow angle lenses are great for 3D effects, and wide angle lenses are great for dynamic prints like animation, flip, morph, or zoom.

5. Viewing Distance

 The distance between your eyes and the 3D lenticular sheet is viewing distance. When choose the correct 3D lenticular sheet, it's an important factor to consider. The number of LPI and the optimal viewing distance are inverse correlated so the higher the LPI, the shorter the optimal viewing distance will be.

6. Transparency

Higher transparency 3D lenticular sheet has better visual effect.PET 3D lenticular sheet should have a minimum transparency rate of 85%.

7. Durability

3D lenticular sheet made by different plastic material has their sensitivity to temperature and UV light. Some plastic material are good for indoors only, while PET 3D lenticular sheet are good for indoors and outdoors.

Product Application

75 LPI 3D lenticular sheet: 

3D decorative paintings, 3D posters, 3D posters, etc., 3D paintings with slightly larger pictures

90 LPI 3D lenticular sheet: 

3D decorative paintings, 3D posters, 3D posters, etc., 3D paintings with slightly larger pictures

100 LPI 3D lenticular sheet: 

3D decorative painting, 3D schoolbag, 3D luggage, 3D notebook cover, 3D painting with a slightly smaller picture

161 LPI 3D lenticular sheet: 

3D cards, 3D anti-counterfeiting trademarks, 3D business cards, 3D bookmarks, and other relatively small 3D paintings

Packing and Transportation

PET Lenticular Sheet 50 Lpi/70 Lpi/75 Lpi/100 Lpi 50 Lpi Packing Details

Standards of packing: Standard export wooden pallets, clean bubble wrap and wrapping the lens in the plastic protective layer.

Pallets packing: around 1000kg per wooden pallet

Container loading: 20-24 tons in a 20GP

Sea Port: SHANGHAI or NINGBO sea port

Leading time: 7 days for less than 5tons, 10-15 days for 20GP container

Payment term: 30% deposits; 70% balance against copy of original BL.

About ONE Plastic

ONE PLSTIC, one of the leading PET Lenticular Sheet 50 Lpi/70 Lpi/75 Lpi/100 Lpi Sheet factory, established in 2012. We have two factories, we supply PET sheets & Film, PETG film, APET film, RPET film, GAG film, BOPET film and other plastic packing material.

During the initial stage of the company establishment , we focus on advanced technology and production equipment, we are strict in manufacturing step and QC system. With continuous investment in manufacturing facilities and more than 10 years of experience in the plastic packing industry, today we have grown to be a leading manufacturer in plastic packing industry.


1. What is PET plastic sheets used for?

The transparency of PET film sheets is high, and it’s more glossy compare to other plastics. More importantly the cost of PET film is lower than PVC film, so PET film is slowly replacing the use of PVC in many areas. Now PET film are widely used in packaging industry, such as food packaging, electronic products packaging, cosmetic packaging, and medical packaging etc.

2. What is china PET plastic sheet in rolls made from?

PET film sheets are made by Pet Chips(polyethylene terephthalate granules)

3. What is the normal size of PET plastic film?

There are different sizes of PET plastic film,the regular size is 1220*2440MM/1220*1830MM/700*1000MM.We accept customized size PET sheet,the MOQ is 500kgs.

4. Is PET film plastic sheets transparent?

There are many different types of PET film plastic sheets, such as transparent PET film, opaque PET film, we also accept customized col PET film, MOQ is 1000KGS per col.

5. What I can buy clear PET plastic sheet?

One plastic is a leading wholesale PET plastic roll sheet supplier, you can send us enquiry and get the latest quotation.

6. Can I get free sample of China PET plastic roll sheet?

Yes,we can provide A4 size PET film sample for free,you just need to pay for the delivery cost.

7. What is the production leading time for transparent plastic PET roll?

There are 3 PET film rolls extrusion lines in our factory,the production leading time is 5-7 days for 10 tons order quantity, 10-15 days for full container quantity.

8. Can you recommend a China PET plastic products factory?

ONE PLSTIC, one of the leading China PET plastic roll sheet manufacturer, established in JIANGSU, CHINA in 2012. We have two factories, they are providing PET sheets & Film, PETG film, APET film, RPET film, GAG film, BOPET film and other plastic packing material.

9. Is PET plastic recycleable?

PET plastic roll sheet material is a kind of safe plastic,so PET plastic products are recycleable.

10. Do you wholesale clear PET plastic sheet?

We are of one leading PET plastic factory, there are 10 PET production lines in our factory, we wholesale PET plastic sheets, send us email to get the PET plastic prices.

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