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China Clear PET Plastic Sheet

China clear PET plastic sheets have become a popular choice in various industries due to their excellent optical properties and durability.


  • RY- 450

  • PET

  • 50kgs one roll or customized

  • Roll: 110-1280mm Sheet: 915*1220mm, 1000*2000mm

Color :

Experience unparalleled transparency with our China Clear PET Plastic Sheet. Engineered to perfection, this sheet stands as a testament to quality craftsmanship and innovation, bringing together both beauty and function for myriad applications. What sets our Clear PET Plastic Sheet apart? It has impeccable clarity. Made with precision, it offers a glass-like transparency, ensuring that whatever lies behind or beneath remains perfectly visible. From packaging to crafting, from signage to protective screens, the sheet promises an unobstructed view, adding a touch of sophistication to your projects.

But clarity isn't its only hallmark. Our sheet is also celebrated for its durability. Crafted from high-grade PET sourced from China's finest, it resists scratches, impact, and wear, ensuring that its pristine look remains unblemished over time. Easy to mold and customize, our China Clear PET Plastic Sheet offers versatility that few can match. Whether you're crafting intricate designs or seeking protective barriers, this sheet adapts with ease.

Dive into a world where clarity meets durability. Choose our China Clear PET Plastic Sheet and elevate the essence of your projects. Order now for a crystal-clear future!

Highlight Expertly Crafted in China: Premium Quality PET
Material Excellence Superior-grade PET renowned for its exceptional transparency & resilience
Country of Origin Manufactured in China, synonymous with consistent quality & precision
Visual Clarity Perfectly transparent for pristine viewing and showcasing
Optimal Thickness Available in 0.5mm and 1mm to cater to diverse project needs
Standard Dimensions Offered in the widely-used 1220x2440mm size
Chemical Resistance Built to resist a broad spectrum of solvents, ensuring longevity
Eco-Friendly Choice Made of recyclable PET, emphasizing a commitment to sustainability
Versatile Applications Ideal for display cases, protective barriers, and premium packaging
Enduring Durability Designed with UV-protection and wear resistance for extended use
Safety Standards Adheres to global safety benchmarks ensuring a toxin-free product


Product Advantages

  1. Exceptional transparency for pristine views.

  2. High tensile strength, ensuring longevity and durability.

  3. Lightweight and flexible, enabling versatile usage.

  4. Environmentally friendly, championing sustainable initiatives.

  5. Resistant to chemicals and moisture, promising extended usability.

Product Applications

The China Clear PET Plastic Sheet is adaptable and finds utility across various sectors, including:

  1. Packaging solutions for products requiring clear visibility.

  2. Window panes and protective barriers in industrial settings.

  3. Display panels for advertisements and informational content.

  4. Protective coverings for artworks and valuable documents.

  5. Medical shields and devices require clarity and sterility.

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