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Clear PET Plastic Sheet Rolls

ONE Plastic offers clear PET plastic sheet rolls manufactured in China with high-quality standards and at competitive wholesale prices, providing a reliable solution for various applications.


  • RY- 467

  • PET

  • 50kgs one roll or customized

  • Roll: 110-1280mm Sheet: 915*1220mm, 1000*2000mm

Color :

Dive into a world where clarity meets convenience. Our Clear PET Plastic Sheet Rolls are the epitome of uncompromised transparency and top-tier flexibility. The beauty of clear visuals is undeniable. Our PET sheet rolls provide a lucid view, ensuring that every detail shines through with precision. They're perfect for projects where transparency is key, and cloudiness is not an option.

Durability isn't compromised for clarity. Crafted from premium PET, these sheets guarantee robustness. They can stand up to the trials of daily life, making them a reliable choice for a range of applications, from protective coverings to craft projects. What's more? The roll format is a nod to efficiency. It allows for easy storage and even easier application. Cut just what you need, reducing waste and ensuring you always have the perfect amount at your fingertips.

Functionality meets aesthetic with our Clear PET Plastic Sheet Rolls. They're more than just sheets; they're a blend of form and function. Whether it's for window displays, protective barriers, or intricate crafts, the clarity and quality remain unmatched. Every project, big or small, deserves the finest materials. And with our Clear PET Plastic Sheet Rolls, you're not only getting clarity but also a commitment to quality.

Inspired to bring clarity to your projects? Don't wait. Secure your Clear PET Plastic Sheet Rolls today. With every roll, clarity takes the spotlight.

Item Name Clear PET Plastic Sheet Rolls
Grade 100% virgin, 80%virgin
Colors Usually transparent, can colored as customer's requirement.
Surface Glossy or Matt
Protective Film One side or double side is your requirement
Width Range 0.15-0.4: 170-660mm0.41-0.8:170-1250mm0.81-1.50:500-1320mm
Thickness Range 0.12-1mm
Weight Range 0.15-0.4: maximum 70KG/ROLL0.41-0.8: maximum 100KG/ROLL0.81-1.50: maximum 270KG/ROLL
Density 1.35g/cm3
Light Transmission ≧86%
Tensile Strength ≧45
Vicat Softening Point 61℃
Suitable Ink Eco-solvent, Solvent, Latex, UV, water-based ink
Print Method UV offset printing, Silk-screen printing,
Surface Pretreatment Corona treatment, Anti-scratch Coating treatment, Anti-static treatment.

Product Advantages

  1. Crystal-Clear: Offers unmatched transparency for a pristine view.

  2. High Strength: Made with premium PET, ensuring robust protection and longevity.

  3. Eco-Friendly: Emphasizing our commitment to sustainability with recyclable materials.

  4. Thermal Stability: Unwavering quality across a spectrum of temperatures.

Product Applications

The versatility of Clear PET Plastic Sheet Rolls opens doors to myriad applications, including:

  1. Packaging: Ensuring products are showcased perfectly while remaining shielded.

  2. Document Lamination: Offering protection while retaining document clarity.

  3. Windows for Envelopes: Ensuring a sneak peek into the enclosed content.

  4. Display Stands: For a flawless view of exhibited products or information.

PET film application

About ONE Plastic

Originating from China, ONE PLASTIC distinguishes itself as a leading manufacturer and OEM supplier of Clear PET Plastic Sheet Rolls. Our commitment to top-tier quality is evidenced by the myriad of benefits we offer. Our factory-direct pricing ensures customers receive unmatched cost advantages, while our operations, anchored in an ISO-certified facility, underscore our unwavering commitment to excellence. We pride ourselves on our speedy delivery, helping you stay consistently ahead of your timelines. Moreover, with a monthly capacity of 5,000 tons, we are primed to address any bulk demands. At ONE PLASTIC, the brilliance of clarity coalesces with uncompromising quality, delivering a truly unparalleled experience.

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