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Clear Plastic Anti-Fog PET Sheet 0.25mm

Factory direct price Clear Plastic Anti Fog PET Sheet 0.25mm, China leading PET film supplier&manufacturer.


  • RY-180

  • PET

  • 50kgs one roll or customized

  • Roll: 110-1280mm Sheet: 915*1220mm, 1000*2000mm


In environments where fogging can obstruct vision, our 0.25mm PET Sheet stands as the vanguard of clarity. Whether used for protective face shields, goggles, or any application where pristine visibility is paramount, this sheet ensures an uninterrupted view. The anti-fog properties embedded in the sheet guarantee that external conditions like temperature fluctuations won't cloud your perspective. Precision is at the heart of this product. With its consistent 0.25mm thickness, the sheet ensures uniform protection and visibility across its entirety. Plus, being crafted from PET, it offers a lightweight yet durable solution that can stand up to daily wear and tear without compromising its anti-fog capabilities.

Beyond its functional excellence, we're committed to sustainability. Our Clear Plastic Anti-Fog PET Sheet is made from recyclable materials, ensuring that while you enjoy crystal clear vision, the environment remains unharmed. For professionals and enthusiasts who refuse to let fogging blur their vision, our 0.25mm Anti-Fog PET Sheet emerges as the clear choice. It embodies the perfect fusion of clarity, durability, and eco-responsibility.

Ready to see the world with unparalleled clarity, irrespective of the conditions? Choose our Clear Plastic Anti-Fog PET Sheet 0.25mm and experience the difference. Order now and clear the fog from your vision!

Product Essence Crystal-Clear Vision, Uninterrupted by Condensation
Material Purity Premium-grade PET, renowned for its transparent and durable properties
Anti-Fog Excellence Integrated anti-fog technology, preventing moisture accumulation for unobstructed views
Optimal Thickness Precisely 0.25mm – a balance of pliability and strength for versatile applications
Visual Clarity Near-perfect transparency ensures items or graphics beneath remain sharply visible
Environmental Responsibility Eco-friendly production process, emphasizing sustainability
Safety Features Inherently shatterproof and resistant to breakage
UV Resistance UV-treated to withstand sun exposure without clouding or yellowing
Versatility in Use Ideal for visors, protective shields, product packaging, and display covers
Quality Assurance Manufactured to the highest industry standards, ensuring consistent quality
Craftsmanship Precision-engineered for consistent clarity and anti-fog performance

Anti-fog PET sheet

Product Advantages

  1. Superior anti-fog properties, ensuring clear visibility even in humid conditions.

  2. Crystal clear transparency, allowing optimal light passage and view.

  3. Sturdy 0.25mm thickness, offering a balance of flexibility and strength.

  4. Resistant to scratches and abrasions, prolonging sheet longevity.

  5. Environmentally friendly, reflecting our commitment to sustainable practices.

Product Applications

The Clear Plastic Anti-Fog PET Sheet, 0.25mm thick, is tailored for a range of applications, including:

  1. Protective visors and face shields, offering clear and uninterrupted vision.

  2. Refrigerated display cases, ensuring products remain visible and appealing.

  3. Bathroom mirrors, preventing fogging post hot showers.

  4. Vehicle windows and visors, offering clear vision during varying weather conditions.

  5. Industrial protective screens, ensuring worker safety and clarity.

PET film application

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ONE PLASTIC is a distinguished leader in the realm of premium plastic materials. Harnessing our sophisticated factory, our offerings shine distinctively: blending factory-direct pricing with unmatched quality, steadfastly maintaining ISO-certified production benchmarks, and consistently pushing boundaries with our innovative product range. Our efficiency in swift deliveries ensures we meet the ever-evolving demands of our clientele. For businesses and individuals seeking optimal clarity and performance, ONE PLASTIC's Clear Plastic Anti-Fog PET Sheet, 0.25mm, remains a top search result and an industry favorite.

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