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Clear Plastic Binding Covers

Buy Clear Plastic Binding Covers from ONE Plastic, PVC binding covers manufacturers & suppliers in China.
  • PVC binding covers


  • RY-164

  • 100% virgin PVC

  • 100 sheets per bag / 10 bags per cartons

  • A3,A4 size or customized


When it's time to make a statement with your reports, proposals, or presentations, our Clear Plastic Binding Covers are the perfect choice. Designed to enhance the professional appeal of your documents, these covers provide a crystal-clear view of your content while offering durability and protection. With our binding covers, your documents instantly exude sophistication. The transparent finish allows your cover page to shine through, showcasing your branding or title with elegance. First impressions matter, and our covers ensure yours is impeccable.

Durability is key in the world of binding covers, and ours excels in this aspect. Crafted from high-quality materials, they safeguard your documents against spills, tears, and everyday wear and tear. Your important content remains intact and pristine. The versatility of our Clear Plastic Binding Covers makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you're preparing a business proposal, a student report, or a professional portfolio, these covers add that finishing touch that sets your work apart. Don't compromise on quality or aesthetics. Our Clear Plastic Binding Covers combine functionality and style to elevate your documents to a whole new level.

Make your presentations unforgettable. Order our Clear Plastic Binding Covers today and give your documents the professional edge they deserve.

Product Name

Clear Plastic Binding Covers

Clear / Blue /Red /Yellow / Green or Customize
Normal thickness
100 micron /120 mciron /140 micron /150 mciron /170 micron /180 micron/200 mciron /300 micron or Customized (we can produce 0.1mm-0.6mm )
Glossy / Matte /Emboosed
A5: 250*148MM
A4: 210*297MM
A3: 297*420MM
A2: 420×594mm
Letter Size :
216*279mm (8.5"x11")
Legal Size :
216mm*356m( 8.5"x14" )
Transparent or Opaque
Usage Book binding covers, binding report covers,custom binding covers
100 sheets per bag / 10 bags per cartons

Product Features

  1. High Transparency: Offers an unobstructed view of your document's title page.

  2. Durable Protection: Shields pages from dirt, spills, and smudges.

  3. Universal Fit: Compatible with most binding systems available in the market.

  4. Professional Appearance: Elevates the overall look and feel of any document.

Product Application

Our Clear Plastic Binding Covers are the preferred choice for various sectors – from corporate offices and educational institutions to design studios and freelance professionals. They are extensively used to bind annual reports, business proposals, dissertations, and even creative portfolios, ensuring that every document is presented in the best light possible.

PVC sheet application

About ONE Plastic

From the vibrant manufacturing heartland of China, ONE PLASTIC emerges as a frontrunner in innovative plastic solutions. When you align with our Clear Plastic Binding Covers, you're not just making a selection; you're making a statement. Our competitive wholesale pricing ensures that you enjoy top-tier quality without stretching your budget. Produced in an ISO-certified facility, our products exemplify adherence to global quality standards. Recognizing the importance of time in business, our expedited delivery mechanisms ensure you're always ahead of the curve. Further bolstering our commitment to excellence, our comprehensive set of certificates vouch for the superior quality and integrity of every product we offer. For documentation that resonates with distinction and elegance, ONE PLASTIC's Clear Plastic Binding Covers are the gold standard. Elevate every presentation to perfection.

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