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PET vs PETG Plastic: Understanding the Differences

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PET vs PETG Plastic: Understanding the Differences

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and PETG (Glycol-Modified PET) are two of the most widely used types of plastic in the packaging industry. Although they share some similarities, there are significant differences between these two materials that businesses and consumers should be aware of.

Raw Materials

PET is made by combining terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol, while PETG is a glycol-modified version of PET that is made by adding cyclohexanedimethanol to the polymer chain. The addition of this comonomer changes the chemical and physical properties of the material, making PETG more flexible and softer than PET.


PET and PETG both have a similar appearance, as they are both transparent plastics. However, PETG is generally considered to be more transparent and has better light transmission than PET, which makes it ideal for applications where transparency is critical.


PET is primarily used in various thermoformed packaging products, such as blister trays and blister boxes. PET is also commonly used in the production of plastic bottles for beverages, food, and personal care products. PETG is commonly used in household products such as cups, bowls, and containers. PETG is also used in the production of signs, displays, and point-of-purchase materials.


In conclusion, PET and PETG are two versatile materials that are widely used in the packag

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