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PVC Sheet For Vacuum Forming

Find wholesale price PVC rigid sheet for Vacuum forming in ONE PLASTIC, leading Vacuum Forming PVC Roll Transparent PVC Sheet factory in China.


  • RY-165

  • 100% virgin PVC

  • Inner Side PE Film+Outter Side Kraft Paper+Polywood Pallet

  • 700mm*1000mm, 915mm*1830mm, 1220mm*2440mm or customized


Engineered to meet the stringent demands of the vacuum forming process, this PVC sheet guarantees impeccable results every time. Whether you're crafting intricate prototypes, producing packaging solutions, or manufacturing industrial components, this sheet ensures your projects take shape with accuracy and reliability. The secret to its success lies in its fine-tuned composition. Crafted from high-quality PVC, it offers the ideal balance of flexibility and strength, ensuring that even the most complex molds are reproduced with absolute fidelity.

But our commitment extends beyond performance. We understand the importance of sustainability in today's manufacturing landscape. Our PVC sheet is made from eco-conscious materials, aligning your projects with environmental responsibility without compromising on quality. Working with our PVC sheet is a hassle-free experience. Its uniform thickness and adaptability ensure that it seamlessly integrates into your vacuum forming process, making each project a smooth and efficient endeavor.

Ready to take your vacuum forming projects to the next level? Elevate your craftsmanship with our PVC Sheet for Vacuum Forming and experience excellence in every mold. Order now and redefine your standards for precision and sustainability!

Product Highlight Engineered for Flawless Formability and Strength
Material Composition Superior-grade Polyvinyl Chloride, optimized for formability and resilience
Preferred Thickness 0.5mm to 3mm – optimal range for ensuring detailed moldings without sacrificing durability
Standard Dimensions 1000mm x 2000mm – accommodating a wide array of design and application needs
Heat Adaptability Engineered for consistent behavior under heat, ensuring uniform vacuum forming
Surface Characteristics Smooth finish, free of imperfections, primed for post-forming decoration or printing
Chemical Robustness Resistant against common solvents and chemicals, ensuring product longevity
Eco-Consciousness Responsibly produced to be recyclable, aligning with sustainable initiatives
Key Applications Ideal for creating packaging, trays, covers, and other molded parts
Quality Assurance Crafted under strict quality control, guaranteeing consistent thickness and premium finish

PVC sheet for window boxes2

Product Advantages

  1. Superior formability, ensuring precise molding outcomes.

  2. Robust and durable, guaranteeing products that last.

  3. High clarity and finish, offering aesthetically pleasing results.

  4. Resistant to chemicals, moisture, and external stressors, ensuring product integrity.

  5. Environmentally-conscious production, reflecting our commitment to a sustainable future.

Product Applications

The PVC Sheet for Vacuum Forming is versatile and is ideal for:

  1. Packaging solutions for electronics, consumer goods, and pharmaceuticals.

  2. Automotive components, ensuring durability and precise fit.

  3. Point-of-sale displays and kiosks, leveraging its visual appeal and sturdiness.

  4. Medical device casings, combining clarity with protection.

  5. Architectural and interior design elements, offering a blend of form and function.

PVC sheet application

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ONE PLASTIC rises as a hallmark of excellence in the realm of cutting-edge plastic solutions. Our world-class supplier infrastructure ensures we stay ahead, consistently delivering value and quality. Our commitment to factory-direct pricing offers unparalleled value, while our ISO-certified standards vouch for our dedication to global best practices. Our product line, especially the PVC Sheet for Vacuum Forming, reflects our continuous commitment to innovation and catering to market needs. Additionally, our focus on timely deliveries ensures that your projects always stay on schedule. With ONE PLASTIC, precision isn't just a promise—it's a guarantee.

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