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Supermarket Plastic Hanging Strips

ONE PLASTIC is a Chinese factory that produces Supermarket Plastic Hanging Strips - Economical and Effective Merchandising Display. Our merchandising strip is made out of a frosted flexible plastic, and is ideal for hanging packaged and impulse items. It can hold up to 12 items and has a label holder on top.
  • Supermarket Plastic Hanging Strips


  • RY-405

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Revolutionize product displays in bustling retail environments with our Supermarket Plastic Hanging Strips. Tailored for those who understand the essence of prime visibility, these strips are the silent salespeople, ensuring your products don't go unnoticed. Why opt for our hanging strips? Firstly, they’re designed for effortless product attachment. Whether it's snack packets, toys, or accessories, these strips hold them securely, showcasing them at eye level for optimal customer attention.

Crafted from durable plastic, these strips promise longevity. They can endure the hustle and bustle of busy supermarkets, ensuring that your products remain suspended and in view, irrespective of the foot traffic. Beyond functionality, our hanging strips are versatile. Need to change the product display? No fuss. Quick release and reattachment mean you can adapt to changing promotions or inventory in a snap.

Want your products to stand out in a crowded marketplace? Utilize our Supermarket Plastic Hanging Strips and ensure they grab the attention they deserve. Boost your sales potential today!

Product HighlightEfficient Retail Product Hanging Solution
Material DurabilityCrafted from robust, flexible plastic
Length OptionsAvailable in standard lengths from 12" to 48"; custom lengths upon request
Hook CountVariants ranging from 6-hook to 12-hook strips, catering to diverse product weights
Color VarietiesClear, black, white; customizable colors available for bulk orders
DesignSpecially designed to maximize product visibility and accessibility
Weight CapacityEngineered to hold light to medium-weight products efficiently
Ease of InstallationClip-on top for easy attachment to shelves or display racks
MobilityLightweight and portable, allowing for dynamic product placement
Eco-conscious DesignMade from recyclable plastic materials
ApplicationsPerfect for hanging snacks, toys, accessories, and small packaged goods
Branding OpportunityCustomizable with brand logos or promotional messaging for increased visibility
Retail CompatibilitySuitable for supermarkets, convenience stores, and retail outlets

Product Advantages

  1. Durable design, capable of holding multiple products securely.

  2. Streamlined display, enhancing product visibility.

  3. Easy to install on shelves, walls, or end caps.

  4. Space-saving, optimizing retail display areas.

  5. Suitable for a wide range of products, from lightweight to moderately heavy.

Product Applications

The Supermarket Plastic Hanging Strips are ideal for a multitude of retail environments, including:

  1. Supermarkets and grocery stores for snacks and small packaged goods.

  2. Convenience stores, optimizing limited space.

  3. Pharmacies for hanging health and beauty products.

  4. Toy stores for carded toys and accessories.

  5. Hardware stores for tools and accessory packets.

About ONE Plastic

Anchored in China, ONE PLASTIC has cemented its stature as a leading manufacturer in the retail solutions sphere. Harnessing the capabilities of our state-of-the-art factory, we bring forth unparalleled advantages for our clientele. Our factory-direct pricing not only promises quality but also ensures that our customers benefit from direct savings. Our dedication to maintaining high standards is evidenced by our ISO-certified processes, ensuring each product reflects consistent quality. By marrying durability with visual appeal, we produce items that are both functional and attractive. Comprehending the pressing needs of the retail sector, we prioritize timely deliveries, ensuring businesses can operate without delays. When it comes to merging practicality with aesthetic finesse in display solutions, ONE PLASTIC's Supermarket Plastic Hanging Strips emerge as the go-to choice.

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