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PVC Foam Board Display Stand for Supermarkets

ONE PLASTIC is a Chinese factory that produces customized PVC foam board display stands for supermarkets. Our plastic exhibition racks are perfect for displaying products. Get your logo printed on our display retail products today!
  • PVC Foam Board Display Stand


  • RY-406

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Product Overview: Supermarket PVC Foam Board Display Stands – lightweight, durable, and customizable solutions for eye-catching in-store presentations.

Product Description

Our Supermarket PVC Foam Board Display Stands are specifically designed to provide a versatile and visually appealing solution for showcasing your products and promotions within a retail environment. Crafted from lightweight and durable PVC foam board material, these display stands offer a stable platform for your items while ensuring easy transport and setup. Available in various sizes, shapes, and colors, our Supermarket PVC Foam Board Display Stands can be customized to suit your specific retail requirements, helping you create an engaging presentation that attracts customers and boosts sales.

Product Advantages

  1. Durable Material: Constructed from high-quality PVC foam board, our display stands offer long-lasting durability and stability for your in-store presentations.

  2. Lightweight Design: The lightweight nature of PVC foam board makes our display stands easy to transport, set up, and rearrange within your store.

  3. Customizable Options: We offer a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors to accommodate your unique display requirements and match your store's aesthetics.

  4. Multi-Purpose Use: Our Supermarket PVC Foam Board Display Stands are suitable for showcasing various products, promotional materials, or seasonal displays.


Supermarket PVC Foam Board Display Stands are ideal for a wide range of retail environments, including:

  • Supermarkets and grocery stores for showcasing promotional products or seasonal items

  • Convenience stores for displaying impulse-buy products or promotional offers

  • Pharmacies for organizing and presenting personal care items or medical supplies

  • Specialty retail stores for showcasing featured products or new arrivals

  • Department stores for displaying marketing materials or visual merchandising elements

About Us

ONE PLASTIC is a leading factory and manufacturer of Supermarket PVC Foam Board Display Stands in China. We focus on providing high-quality products and factory-direct pricing, ensuring our customers receive the best value. Our ISO-certified factory guarantees 100% quality inspection, and we offer a full set of certificates to back up our commitment to excellence.

With fast delivery times and a dedication to providing exceptional customer service, ONE PLASTIC is your go-to source for Supermarket PVC Foam Board Display Stands. Experience the difference of working with a reliable, customer-focused supplier, and let us help you create the perfect in-store display solution for your unique retail needs.

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