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1. Advanced Production Lines
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Purchasing PVC Plastic Sheet  from ONE PLASTIC

 For End Use Factory

ONE PLASTIC has collaborated with numerous factories, transforming their ideas from conception to fruition while providing tailored end-use solutions. With over 10 years of experience in the PVC industry, we are a professional PVC sheets manufacturer in China, offering comprehensive plastic machining and fabrication services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

 For Distributors

As one of the most advanced PVC plastic sheets manufacturers in China, ONE PLASTIC delivers top-quality and competitively priced PVC sheets. Our factory houses over 10 PVC sheets production lines, ensuring ample capacity to fulfill your demands promptly. This enables us to collaborate with you in providing excellent prices and short lead times for your customers.

What is PVC Plastic Sheet?

PVC sheets, one of the most widely used plastics, typically available in two varieties: PVC foam sheets and PVC rigid sheets. These sheets are made from amorphous materials, offering exceptional anti-oxidation, anti-acid properties. 
Additionally, they exhibit high strength, excellent chemical stability, and are non-flammable and resistant to corrosive damage caused by climate change.
ONE PLASTIC, one of China leading PVC sheets manufacturer, offers a diverse range of plastic sheets, including PVC clear sheets, PVC foam boards, PVC rigid sheets, PVC Christmas Tree films, and PVC solid sheets.

PVC Plastic Sheet Advantages

PVC plastic sheets are made from amorphous materials, they exhibit high strength, excellent chemical stability, and are non-flammable and resistant to corrosive damage caused by climate change.
chemical resistance
PVC rigid sheets have a high halogen content, which gives them strong chemical resistance. Their excellent resistance to acids and alkalis makes them ideal for creating various chemical corrosion-resistant equipment.
physical strength
The molecular structure of PVC sheets creates a smooth surface, making them easy to work with and weld. It has strong mechanical strength and impact resistance. It's are commonly used to make cabinets, water tanks, and indoor and outdoor decorative materials.
weather resistance
Plastic PVC Sheet have excellent weather resistance, this makes them suitable for outdoor use. With anti-UV additives during PVC sheet production, their service life can be extended to 5 years in outdoor environments.
fire resistance
Plastic sheet pvc have excellent flame-retardant properties, extinguishing immediately once removed from a fire source. It can reach flame-retardant standard of UL94-V0, it's is commonly used for interior decoration, outperforming other plastics in fire safety.

Why Choose ONE PLASTIC As Your Supplier?

As a leading PVC sheet supplier in China, we enjoy a good reputation in the plastic packaging manufacturing industry. We take pride in providing high-quality products and services to over 300 clients from more than 30 countries worldwide.
100% PVC virgin material

100% Virgin Material​​​​​​​

Our company has established long-term collaborations with trustworthy raw material suppliers. We use virgin PVC resin powder to produce PVC sheets. This ensures our products have high transparency, durability, and physical strength. Partnering with us, our exceptional quality will help your business gain a better reputation.
PVC sheets

Prompt Delivery Times

As a leading PVC sheet supplier in China, we collaborate with hundreds of clients worldwide. Our company offers PVC sheets in various sizes, thicknesses, and colors. With nine PVC production lines, we can swiftly fulfill your orders, regardless of the quantity.
customized packaging

Customized Packaging

We have been dedicated to providing high-quality PVC sheets and have collaborated with top global clients. We offer excellent packaging, such as PE film, kraft paper, export pallets, etc. We can also customize packaging according to your special needs, such as applying your logo, using branded cartons, colored papers.
inspect report

100% Inspection

We are committed to providing high-quality PVC sheets. Since our company's inception, we have established a comprehensive quality inspection system. We require every batch of goods to undergo testing and inspection upon completion of production. Collaborating with us, you won't have to worry about quality issues.

Factory Direct Price

We are China leading PVC sheets factory with ten years of experience in the industry. We can achieve a monthly production capacity of over 5,000 tons. Whether you are an end user or a distributor, collaborating with us will ensure you receive the best wholesale prices.
ISO certificate

Full Set of Certification

We are an ISO9001 certified PVC sheets factory with a strong reputation in the packaging industry. After more than a decade of growth, we have established long-lasting and favorable relationships with over 500 clients across 50 countries.

The Applications of PVC Plastic Sheet

PVC plastic sheets are offered at reasonable prices while boasting exceptional physical and chemical stability features. These outstanding characteristics render PVC plastic sheets highly versatile, with an extensive range of applications in daily life.
PET-sheets-for-thermoforming-products (2)

Packaging Industry

PVC foam board for construction

Construction Industry

PVC grey sheet for construction

Chemical industry

pvc sheet for advertising

Advertising Industry

PVC rigid sheet for medical packaging

Medical Industry

pvc sheet for garment template

Garment Industry

PVC binding covers

Office Supplies

PVC foam board for decoration

Furnishing Industry


PVC Plastic Sheet Manufacturer and Supplier

 Our company has a comprehensive quality management system, and we are dedicated to supplying high-quality pvc plastic sheet, contributing to your brand's growth.
petg sheet manufacturers
petg sheet production line
petg sheet suppliers
petg sheet manufacturers
petg sheet production line
petg sheet suppliers

As an China leading PVC plastic sheets manufacturer, we focused on implementing advanced technology and updated production lines, as well as a rigorous manufacturing and quality control system.
Our factory boasts advanced equipments, including 6 extrusion and 4 calendar PVC production lines. With a monthly supply capacity for PVC plastic sheets and rolls of 5000 tons, we can always provide products with wholesale price.
We are proud to provide high-quality products and processing services to more than 300 clients from over 30 countries worldwide.

PVC Plastic Sheet Series

As a top PVC plastic sheets manufacturer in China, we offer a wide range of plastic products, including PVC clear plastic sheets, expanded PVC plastic sheets, PVC rolls, and PVC sheets cut to size.

ONE PLASTIC, Top PVC Plastic Sheet Manufacturer

As a leading PVC sheets manufacturer in China, we utilize the most advanced PVC extrusion and calendaring equipment to ensure our plastic is exceptionally clear and possesses superior physical strength.

ONE PLASTIC has been in the plastic packaging industry for more than ten years. As a leading PVC sheets manufacturer in China, we have adopted the most advanced PVC extrusion and calendaring production machines and processes to keep production efficient and competitive.


With the implementation of improvements and renovations to production, such as the adoption of energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment, we ensure compliance with eco-friendly standards and workplace safety regulations. These enhancements also contribute to increased value in the facility's product output and quality assurance. 


Our PVC plastic sheets production utilizes only the finest, clean, and reliable raw materials, alongside the most advanced manufacturing processes. Both the rolls and sheets we produce are rigid, durable, clear, and non-toxic, helping elevate your brand to the forefront of the industry. We conduct comprehensive quality assurance testing for physical and appearance aspects to ensure that you receive the best quality in every batch of products.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed the most frequently asked questions about our PVC Plastic Sheet here for your reference, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.
  • What is PVC sheet used for?

    PVC sheet can be divided into soft PVC sheet and rigid PVC sheet. Due to PVC sheet cost is low compare to other plastics and it’s excellent physical and chemical properties,now it’s one of the most common plastic in our lives.
    Rigid PVC sheet mainly used to make PVC Christmas;PVC artificial fence grass ;PVC bending covers; PVC name cards;PVC card sheet;PVC boxes; PVC foam board;PVC ceiling film;PVC laminate sheet;PVC photo album sheets;PVC vacuum blister;PVC chemical tank and so on.
    Soft PVC sheet are using to make PVC bags;PVC table cover;PVC book cover;Mattress Packaging PVC Film;PVC flexible sheet
    ONE PLASTIC is one of the leading PVC sheet supplier in China, choosing ONE PLASTIC will provide you with a wonderful experience. All our consultants are well trained by the company, they can answer all your inquiries. So, do not hesitate to leave a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Where to buy PVC sheet

    ONEPLASTIC is a leading  manufacturer of PVC sheets in China, we provide competitive PVC board sheet products to global clients. But it isn’t suitable to buy from us, if you buy a small quantity (less than 8 sheets PVC board sheet), because the price adding the logistic costs won’t be competitive. Therefore, we suggest you buy PVC SHEET from a local distributor and wholesaler near you.
    It will be great, if you buy more quantity, or you want to be our distributor near your city. For more detail about our distributor policy, please send an e-mail to  sale01@one-plastic.com
  • What is the size of PVC sheet?

    There are different production lines in different PVC sheet manufacturers,so different PVC plastic sheet factory manufacture different size of PVC sheets,while the most common size are 4x8 PVC sheet
  • What is the PVC sheet price?

    The price of PVC sheet depends on the price of PVC resin powder . In the past year , the PVC rigid sheet prices are within USD1.30-USD1.80 per kg range , Of course PVC clear sheet prices is cheaper than PVC colour sheet.
    There are another two types of PVC sheet price are cheaper thank normal PVC transparent sheet, PVC grey sheet& foam PVC sheet.
    By cooperate with ONE PLASTIC you will get most competitive wholesale price PVC sheet in the market .
  • Is plastic PVC sheet waterproof?

    PVC expanded sheet &PVC clear plastic sheet is waterproof, dust proof.
  • How to make transparent PVC sheet clear ?

    PVC transparent sheet is high glossy and see through,the transparency rate of PVC sheet is 83%.In the case of greasy prints or splashes, the surface of the plastic PVC sheet can be gently cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. Keep in mind that the surface of the hard PVC sheet will become slightly matt if you rub firmly, or if you use other cleaning agents! Do not use spirits, acetone or thinner to clean the PVC plastic sheet!
  • Is PVC fire resistant?

    PVC material is inherently a self-extinguishing fire retardant material due to the abundance of chlorine in its formulation, with burning characteristics closer to that of paper, wood and straw.
  • Why does PVC sheet turns yellow?

    Please take care that when you exposure sheet of PVC plastic to UV radiation,it can cause PVC sheet to change color (turn yellow), crack, break, shatter or even melt.If you need to expose PVC material outdoors, please clearly inform the PVC sheet factory of your requirements, we need to add ANTI-UV additives in the formula.
  • How to cut rigid PVC sheet?

    When you're going to cut PVC sheet panel with a band saw, choose a saw blade with fine teeth, pitch approx2.5 mm. Maintain a high cutting speed, but ensure the PVC sheet board passes smoothly along the saw. It's also essential to support the sheet well using clamps or locking pliers.
  • How to bend PVC sheet plastic?

    If you wanna to bend the PVC sheet board,you need apply heat to the part where you want the bend to go. PVC material is also named amorphous polymer, which means the particles that make up its structure are not arranged in fixed arrays. By applying heat to that part, it get soft,makes it easier to bend.
  • What PVC sheet thickness?

    ONE PLASTIC provide full range thickness of PVC sheets,PVC thin sheet thickness from 0.10MM to thick PVC sheet thickness up to 20MM.The most common thickness is PVC 1mm sheet,1.5mm PVC sheet,2mm PVC sheet,3mm clear PVC sheet,5mm PVC sheet,6mm PVC sheet,PVC sheet 10mm.
  • How many different types of PVC sheet?

    Generally when we talking about PVC sheets,we usually mean 3 types of PVC sheet,one type is PVC foam sheet another type is rigid PVC sheet(Solid PVC sheet),the third one is soft PVC sheet.

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As a distributor based in Australia, I have been extremely satisfied with the products and services provided by ONE PLASTIC. Their PVC plastic sheet rolls offer excellent transparency and strength, and the packaging ensures safe delivery. Their lead times are fast, responses are prompt, and the pricing is reasonable. I look forward to continuing our partnership.


 Liam Thompson
Purchasing Manager


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