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Air Curtain PVC Strip

Air curtain PVC strip is a product that helps maintain indoor temperatures by preventing the influx of outdoor air.
  • PVC Strip Curtain


  • RY-400

  • 100% virgin PVC

  • Carton box/ kraft paper /PE bag/wooden pallet

  • 8inch * 25ft. or customized


Step into a world where indoor comfort and energy efficiency coalesce. Introducing our Air Curtain PVC Strip, the ultimate shield against unwanted external elements, ensuring a pristine indoor environment regardless of external conditions. Why is our Air Curtain PVC Strip a game-changer? Its first line of defense is in controlling temperature. Acting as a barrier, it keeps indoor spaces insulated, minimizing the need for excessive heating or cooling. This not only maintains a comfortable environment but also results in significant energy savings.

Beyond temperature control, it's a sentinel against dust, pollutants, and insects. Whether you're running a restaurant, warehouse, or retail space, our PVC strip ensures that what's outside, stays outside. But don't think it hinders accessibility. The flexibility of the PVC material ensures a smooth passage for staff and customers, swinging back into position swiftly after entry or exit, ensuring minimal disruption.

Elevate the comfort and cleanliness of your indoor spaces. Opt for our Air Curtain PVC Strip and fortify your premises against external elements. Make the smart choice today!

Attribute Description
Product Designation PVC Strip Curtain, Air Curtain PVC Strip
Material Source & Quality Crafted from 100% pristine Virgin PVC
Manufacturing & Texture Produced through the extrusion process; Available in Smooth and Ribbed textures
Color & Temperature Palette Colors range from Transparent, Clear, Black to shades like Blue, Green; Applicable from -50°C to 50°C
Specification & Industries Specifications like 2mm x 200mm x 50m/roll, with custom sizes; Suits Industries from Chemistry to Retail
Functional Benefits Offers attributes like Cold-resistance, Anti-insect deterrence, UV protection, and more


Product Advantages

  1. Effective thermal barrier, reducing energy consumption.

  2. Transparent design, promoting safety through visibility.

  3. Durable and flexible, ensuring longevity even with frequent passage.

  4. Effective in reducing dust, pollutants, and insect entry.

  5. Easy to install, maintain, and replace.

Product Applications

The Air Curtain PVC Strip is versatile and finds its utility in diverse settings, such as:

  1. Entryways in shopping malls and retail outlets.

  2. Commercial kitchens, keeping the environment hygienic.

  3. Warehouse and logistic centers for efficient goods movement.

  4. Cold storage areas to maintain temperature consistency.

  5. Manufacturing units, ensuring a pollutant-free environment.

About ONE Plastic

ONE PLASTIC proudly positions itself as a foremost manufacturer and supplier, specializing in advanced PVC solutions. Operating from our avant-garde factory, our offerings are characterized by unmatched value, thanks to our competitive wholesale pricing. Our ISO-certified production process is a testament to our unwavering commitment to international quality benchmarks. Every product we craft resonates with our deep-rooted expertise and dedication to excellence. Moreover, we prioritize prompt deliveries, ensuring our solutions align seamlessly with your business operations and timelines. Experience unparalleled efficiency and quality with ONE PLASTIC's Air Curtain PVC Strip.

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