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PVC Strip Curtains for Freezer

Keep your freezer environment controlled and save energy with PVC strip curtains designed for freezers.
  • PVC Strip Curtain


  • RY-395

  • 100% virgin PVC

  • Carton box/ kraft paper /PE bag/wooden pallet

  • 8inch * 25ft. or customized


In the demanding environment of cold storage, maintaining temperature consistency is vital. Our PVC Strip Curtains for Freezers stand as the ultimate barrier against temperature fluctuations, ensuring your products remain perfectly preserved. What makes our curtains the choice for professionals? To start, their specialized design. Crafted to withstand the icy conditions of freezers, these curtains resist frost build-up, ensuring clear visibility and easy access at all times. They act as an efficient thermal barrier, reducing energy costs by maintaining the cold inside and keeping warm air out. Durability is a given. Made with high-grade PVC, these curtains are engineered to endure the constant wear and tear of busy storage areas, promising longevity and reliability. The flexibility ensures they swing back into position after being passed through, maintaining a consistent seal. A bonus? Installation is a breeze. Whether you're outfitting a walk-in freezer or an industrial cold storage facility, our curtains fit seamlessly, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Don't let warmth seep into your freezing zones. Equip your spaces with our PVC Strip Curtains for Freezers and ensure peak freshness and energy efficiency. Order now for a cooler, cost-effective future!

PVC Strip Curtain Detailed Specification


PVC Strip Curtain, PVC Strip Curtains for Freezer

Raw material

100% Virgin PVC

Production Process


Available Color

Black, Clear, Transparent, Coloured, Blue, Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Red etc.

Applicable Temperature

From -50°C to 50°C

Available Types

Smooth and Ribbed

Specification Sheet

1)   2mm*200mm*50m/roll

2)   2mm*300mm*50m/roll

3)   3mm*200mm*50m/roll

4)   3mm*300mm*50m/roll

5)   4mm*400mm*50m/roll

Contact us for your special size.

Main Purpose

Cold-resistant, Anti-insect, Anti-dust, Wind-proof,

Anti-static, UV-proof, Noise-proof etc.

Applicable Industry

Industrial, Chemistry, Logistic, Restaurant, Workshop,

Refrigeration, Supermarket etc.

PVC Strip Curtain Advanced Features and Capabilities 

  1. Superior insulation properties, aiding in energy conservation.

  2. Crystal clear design, promoting visibility and safety.

  3. Flexible and durable, resisting cracks even in extreme cold.

  4. Easy installation and maintenance.

  5. Effective barrier against contaminants and moisture.

PVC Strip Curtain Versatile Applications

The PVC Strip Curtains are impeccably suited for various cold storage applications, including:

  1. Walk-in freezers in restaurants and cafeterias.

  2. Large-scale cold storage warehouses.

  3. Entry and exit points in food processing units.

  4. Refrigerated trucks and loading docks.

  5. Retail freezer sections for easy access.

Wholesale PVC Strip Curtains Factory

ONE PLASTIC proudly emerges as an acclaimed manufacturer and supplier within the competitive landscape of the PVC sector. Operating from our state-of-the-art factory, our ethos revolves around ensuring our customers receive the pinnacle of excellence. Our factory-direct pricing strategy guarantees cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. As an ISO-certified entity, our factory rigorously adheres to global quality benchmarks, a testimony to our unwavering dedication. Every product we craft is a testament to innovation melded with precision, ensuring our offerings are second to none. Moreover, our swift delivery mechanisms are tailored to match the brisk pace of modern business requirements. By selecting ONE PLASTIC's PVC Strip Curtains, you are choosing a solution that ensures your freezer's efficiency is always at its optimal, never compromised by external conditions.

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