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Green PVC Rigid Plastic Sheet/Film for Artificial Christmas Tree Leaves And Lawn

Wholesale Price Dark/Light Green Colors PVC Rigid Film For Christmas Tree Leaves, PVC Christmas tree production series available.


  • RY-258

  • 100% virgin PVC

  • Rolls In Bulk or Pallet

  • 50kgs One Roll


Bring nature's vibrancy into your settings with our Green PVC Rigid Plastic Sheet/Film, masterfully designed for crafting artificial Christmas tree leaves and lush lawns. Celebrate aesthetics and durability combined, ensuring your spaces remain evergreen throughout the seasons. The charm of our Green PVC Rigid Plastic Sheet/Film lies in its rich hue. Mimicking nature's verdant shade, the green captures the heart of pristine forests, ensuring your artificial elements resonate with an authentic touch, be it for holiday trees or garden lawns.

But it's not just about beauty. Crafted from premium PVC, the rigidity of the film is balanced with pliability, making it perfect for shaping tree leaves or creating undulating lawns. Plus, its durability means it stands firm against environmental elements, ensuring longevity whether indoors or out. Ease of use? Unparalleled. The sheet/film can be easily molded, shaped, and cut to fit any design specification, making your creative vision come to life effortlessly.

Infuse your spaces with timeless greenery. Choose our Green PVC Rigid Plastic Sheet/Film for Artificial Christmas Tree Leaves and Lawn. Transform ordinary into extraordinary today!

Product Essence Lush Green PVC: Crafting Realistic Christmas Trees and Lawns
Material Integrity Premium-grade PVC designed for rigidity, longevity, and true-to-life aesthetics
Authentic Green Shade Deep forest green to vibrant grass green, capturing nature's spectrum
Optimal Thickness 0.5mm for tree leaves and 0.7mm for lawn applications, offering both pliability and resilience
Preferred Dimensions 1200x1500mm - a popular choice to provide comprehensive coverage for diverse design needs
Eco-Driven Production Produced with recyclable PVC, ensuring sustainability and reduced environmental impact
Safety Provisions Flame-resistant features offer peace of mind for indoor and outdoor use
UV Protection UV-treated to retain the verdant hues, even under continuous sun exposure
Versatility in Application Perfectly suited for Christmas tree leaves, lawns, and other green-themed decor elements
Quality Assurance Meets global benchmarks in production quality, ensuring durability and user safety
Artisan Craftsmanship Precision-engineered to ensure color consistency and texture fidelity in every batch

Product Advantages

  1. Deep and vibrant green, mirroring nature's finest hues.

  2. Sturdy composition, ensuring durability across seasons.

  3. Flame-resistant, enhancing safety, especially during the festive period.

  4. Versatile usage, ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  5. Eco-friendly material, supporting sustainable decor solutions.


Product Applications

The Green PVC Rigid Plastic Sheet/Film is adeptly suited for an array of decorative endeavors, including:

  1. Artificial Christmas tree leaves, add festive vibrancy.

  2. Artificial lawns, provide a maintenance-free green space.

  3. Decorative wall panels for indoor green themes.

  4. Retail window displays, incorporating green motifs.

  5. Special event decor, brings a touch of nature to celebrations.

PVC Christmas Tree film application

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