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Hot Sale Green PVC Film Rigid 0.07mm Thick PVC Film For Christmas Tree

China leading Christmas Tree production raw material&accessories supplier, hot sale green PVC rigid film 0.07mm thickness for Christmas Tree production.


  • RY-260

  • 100% virgin PVC

  • Rolls In Bulk or Pallet

  • 50kgs One Roll


Bring the magic of the festive season to life with our Green PVC Film Rigid, now making waves as a hot sale! Specifically tailored at 0.07mm thickness, this PVC film captures the vibrant essence of a Christmas tree, ensuring your festive projects gleam with unparalleled beauty. Crafted to perfection, our Green PVC Film offers the ideal blend of rigidity and adaptability. The 0.07mm thickness guarantees structural integrity while allowing for nuanced detailing, ensuring every inch of your Christmas tree or festive decor stands out in full splendor.

The rich green hue of our PVC film is not just any green; it's the verdant, lively shade that evokes memories of joyful holiday seasons. Whether you're decking out a grand space or adding a touch of Christmas to a cozy corner, this film captures the heart and soul of the festivities. Safety and sustainability don't take a backseat. Our Green PVC Film is eco-friendly, ensuring that while you bask in the festive glow, Mother Nature shares in the joy. In the galaxy of festive decor materials, our 0.07mm Thick PVC Film stands as a radiant star. With its captivating color, optimal thickness, and the promise of durability, it's the first choice for those looking to make a statement this holiday season.

Celebrate the season with brilliance. Grab our Green PVC Film Rigid today and craft a Christmas that remains etched in memories!

Product Name Hot Sale Green PVC Film Rigid 0.07mm Thick PVC Film For Christmas Tree


Light Green, Dark Green, yellow, blue, white, brown, etc




Roll form by woven bags or packed with standard export pallet

Quality Grade

1). Recycle grade: 50% recycle + 50% virgin, 20% recycle +80% virgin

2). Normal grade: 100% virgin material

3). High grade: Environmental protection grade

More requirements

Flame retardant, UV-resistance


PVC rigid film for making Christmas tree leaves, Garland, Grass fence, etc


Around 22tons For 20'container


7-10 days for 10tons

10-15 days for one 20GP container

Product Features

  1. Vibrant Green: Perfectly captures the essence of the holiday season.

  2. Optimal Thickness: At 0.07mm, it provides both strength and malleability.

  3. Durable & Resilient: Crafted to endure the hustle and bustle of festive activities.

  4. Easy to Shape: Tailor and mold to any desired Christmas tree design.

PVC Christmas Tree Film features

Product Application

This Hot Sale Green PVC Film is predominantly used to bring Christmas trees to life. Its adaptability has also seen it being employed for festive décor elements like wreaths, ornaments, and window displays. Beyond the holiday season, its vibrant hue finds applications in themed events, crafts, and creative projects.

PVC Christmas Tree film application

About ONE Plastic

ONE PLASTIC, emanating from China's dynamic manufacturing landscape, is renowned as a trailblazer in the plastic domain. Our Green PVC Film isn't just another product; it's a testament to our passion for marrying traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. The allure of top-tier quality, combined with our factory-direct pricing, ensures that luxury isn’t exclusive but accessible. Crafted in an ISO-certified facility, our products not only align with but consistently surpass, global benchmarks. And understanding the essence of timely festive celebrations, we prioritize swift deliveries. This festive season, let every Christmas tree radiate with unmatched luster and allure. Elevate your holiday decor with ONE PLASTIC's Green PVC Film Rigid 0.07mm Thick PVC Film. Embrace the magic of the holidays, amplified.

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