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PVC Rigid Film for Artificial Christmas Tree

Green Col PVC Rigid Film for Artificial Christmas Tree Leaves, China leading Christmas Tree production raw material&accessories supplier.


  • RY-260

  • 100% virgin PVC

  • Rolls In Bulk or Pallet

  • 50kgs One Roll


Embrace the festive spirit with our PVC Rigid Film, meticulously crafted for Artificial Christmas Trees. Marrying festive aesthetics with robustness, this film ensures your holiday centerpiece stands tall and radiant, season after season. What distinguishes our PVC Rigid Film? Its naturalistic texture and color. Designed to mimic real pine, our film adds an authentic touch to artificial trees, making them almost indistinguishable from their natural counterparts. It's a celebration of the festive season in every fine detail.

Beyond aesthetics, durability is key. Our PVC Rigid Film is built to withstand the demands of festive celebrations. Whether it's the weight of ornaments, the warmth of fairy lights, or the occasional playful tug from a pet, this film ensures that your tree remains unscathed. Plus, setting up your tree becomes a hassle-free experience. Our film's flexibility ensures easy shaping, allowing you to craft the perfect Christmas tree silhouette with ease.

Ready to bring festive charm into your space? Opt for our PVC Rigid Film for Artificial Christmas Trees and revel in holiday beauty that lasts. Let the celebrations begin!

Product Essence PVC Craftsmanship: A Festive Fusion of Durability & Natural Beauty
Material Integrity Constructed from top-tier PVC, renowned for its robustness and tactile appeal
Trending Thickness Offered in 0.2mm and 0.5mm—ideal for mimicking genuine Christmas tree foliage
Popular Dimensions Most sought-after size being 1220x2440mm, tailored for diverse tree designs
Natural Hue A spectrum from deep forest green to lighter pine green, capturing nature's essence
Environmental Promise Designed from recyclable PVC material, promoting eco-conscious festivities
Safety Edge Flame-resistant properties, ensuring a safe and joyful festive season
Longevity UV-resistant formulation guarantees color retention for numerous holiday seasons
Versatile Application Ideal not just for trees, but wreaths, garlands, and other festive embellishments
Quality Assurance Manufactured under stringent standards, promising quality and consumer safety
Origin of Craftsmanship Precision-engineered with dedication and festive spirit in mind

Product Advantages

  1. The rich green hue simulates natural Christmas trees.

  2. Durable, ensuring the tree maintains its form and vibrancy season after season.

  3. Flame-resistant, prioritizing safety during the festive season.

  4. Easy to shape, allowing for varied tree designs.

  5. Environmentally friendly, championing sustainable celebrations.

PVC Christmas Tree Film features

Product Application

The PVC Rigid Film is primarily tailored for crafting majestic Artificial Christmas Trees, including:

  1. Traditional Christmas trees for homes and commercial spaces.

  2. Tabletop Christmas trees for compact displays.

  3. Themed trees for festive events and parties.

  4. Large-scale trees for public spaces and town squares.

  5. Specialized trees for retail window displays.

PVC Christmas Tree film application

About ONE Plastic

Centrally based in China, ONE PLASTIC has etched its name as a paramount leader in PVC solutions. From our technologically advanced factory, we present a suite of unparalleled offerings. Our factory-direct pricing elegantly blends outstanding quality with compelling affordability. Additionally, our ISO certification showcases our steadfast dedication to unmatched excellence. Every product, crafted with acute precision, epitomizes festive grandeur, making each celebration memorable. Recognizing the essence of timely celebrations, we have streamlined our processes to guarantee punctual deliveries, ensuring that every Christmas resonates with festive brilliance. When adorned with ONE PLASTIC's PVC Rigid Film, every Christmas tree not only becomes an emblem of holiday joy but also a symbol of lasting elegance.

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