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0.10mm PVC Rigid Film Green Color for Christmas Tree

Wholesale Price 0.10mm PVC Rigid Film Green Color for Christmas Tree, PVC Christmas Tree production series.


  • RY-257

  • 100% virgin PVC

  • Rolls In Bulk or Pallet

  • 50kgs One Roll


Setting the festive tone has never been more vibrant. Dive into the Yuletide spirit with our 0.10mm PVC Rigid Film in an enchanting green shade, tailor-made to elevate your Christmas trees and holiday décor. What makes our film the must-have festive choice? Beyond its traditional green hue that resonates with the warmth of the season, its perfect 0.10mm thickness offers a harmonious blend of durability and malleability. Whether you're a passionate DIY enthusiast designing unique ornaments or a professional curating grand festive installations, this PVC film promises not only aesthetic appeal but longevity to withstand the entire festive season. So, if you're looking to sprinkle a touch of Christmas magic into every corner of your space, our PVC Rigid Film is your go-to solution.

Order today, embark on a creative journey, and let the heartwarming festivities commence!

Product Name 0.10mm PVC Rigid Film Green Color for Christmas Tree


Light Green, Dark Green, yellow, blue, white, brown, etc




Roll form by woven bags or packed with standard export pallet

Quality Grade

1). Recycle grade: 50% recycle + 50% virgin, 20% recycle +80% virgin

2). Normal grade: 100% virgin material

3). High grade: Environmental protection grade

More requirements

Flame retardant, UV-resistance


PVC rigid film for making Christmas tree leaves, Garland, Grass fence, etc


Around 22tons For 20'container


7-10 days for 10tons

10-15 days for one 20GP container

Product Features

  1. Perfect 0.10mm Thickness: Ensures rigidity while retaining a natural feel.

  2. Vibrant Green Hue: Captures the essence of festive evergreens.

  3. Durable & Long-Lasting: Crafted to withstand the holiday bustle year after year.

  4. Versatile Use: Suitable for crafting entire trees or enhancing existing ones.

PVC Christmas Tree Film features

Product Application

Our 0.10mm PVC Rigid Film in green is the touch of magic that Christmas decorators seek. Predominantly used to create life-like artificial Christmas trees, its stunning hue and rigidity make it a favorite for crafting festive wreaths, garlands, and other holiday decorations. Its adaptability ensures it's just as effective in large-scale festive installations as in cozy home settings.

PVC Christmas Tree film application

About ONE Plastic 

Nestled in China's vast industrial expanse, ONE PLASTIC proudly pioneers breakthroughs in plastic innovations. When you select our green PVC Rigid Film, you're not just making a purchase; you're aligning with an ethos of unmatched quality. Our factory-direct pricing model ensures you relish top-tier quality without bearing a luxury cost. Produced in an ISO-certified facility, our products mirror a dedication to global excellence standards. Each roll undergoes a meticulous 100% quality inspection, cementing our commitment to flawless perfection. Recognizing the importance of festive timelines, we've optimized for swift deliveries, ensuring every joyous moment is accentuated. This holiday season, imbue your decor with festive brilliance. Illuminate your spaces with the radiant glow of ONE PLASTIC's 0.10mm PVC Rigid Film in resplendent green, tailor-made for Christmas trees. Celebrate in style. Celebrate with clarity.

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