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PETG Transparent Sheet

Get a clear view of your projects with our PETG transparent sheet. Perfect for a variety of applications.
  • PETG Sheet


  • RY-430

  • PETG

  • 50kgs one roll or customized

  • 0.8mm*1220mm*2440mm or Customized

Place of Origin::

Elevate your projects with the unrivaled clarity and durability of our PETG Transparent Sheet. Pioneering in its design, this material offers a visual experience that's unparalleled, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize both aesthetics and longevity. Its brilliant transparency ensures that every detail shines through without distortion, while its robust composition guarantees resistance against impacts and environmental stressors. Beyond just transparency, its versatility shines through in its easy fabrication, effortlessly molding, shaping, or cutting to fit bespoke requirements. Architects, designers, and craftsmen increasingly choose our PETG sheet, recognizing its potential to transform spaces while ensuring longevity. Whether you're aiming for a sleek facade, a protective barrier, or an intricate display piece, the PETG Transparent Sheet delivers every time. Dive into a world where clarity meets resilience. Opt for our PETG solution, and watch as your projects transcend from mere ideas to tangible masterpieces with lasting impact. Make the clear choice for brilliance and durability; invest in our PETG Transparent Sheet.

PETG Plastic Sheet  Comprehensive Specifications

Product Name

Transparent PETG Plastic Sheet


Rolls or Sheets

Country of Origin


Available Colors

Clear/White/Blue/Red/Black/Green/Customized cols

Regular Dimension


Regular Thickness

0.3mm, 0.5mm,1mm,1.5mm,2mm,3mm


Vacuum forming, Printing, Folding boxes, Medical packaging



Free Samples

Free sample, Free delivery

PETG Plastic Sheet Advanced Features and Benefits

  1. Superior Transparency: Ensures content is visible with impeccable clarity.

  2. Highly Durable: Resistant to impacts, ensuring longevity.

  3. Chemically Stable: Stands resilient against a range of solvents and chemicals.

  4. Easy to Fabricate: Can be thermoformed, cut, or molded to suit diverse requirements.

PETG Plastic Sheet Innovative Applications

Our PETG Transparent Sheet is versatile, finding applications across myriad industries. From retail, where it's used for product displays and protective screens, to the architectural realm for partitions and interior design elements. Its ease of fabrication also makes it a favored choice for prototyping in design studios, while its durability sees it employed in protective visors and equipment covers.

PETG sheet applications

China-based PETG Plastic Sheet Supplier

Positioned within China's bustling manufacturing epicenter, ONE PLASTIC stands tall as a pioneer in cutting-edge plastic solutions. Opting for our PETG Transparent Sheet isn't merely a purchase—it's a decision to prioritize excellence. Our factory-direct pricing ensures that superior quality doesn't come with a hefty price, striking the perfect balance between cost and value. Produced in an ISO-certified environment, every product we offer resonates with international standards of excellence, bearing witness to our commitment. We understand the importance of timely deliveries, which is why we're relentlessly streamlined to meet your schedules. And with our stringent 100% quality inspection, rest assured, each sheet embodies our unwavering dedication to quality. In the quest for the perfect fusion of clarity and resilience, ONE PLASTIC's PETG Transparent Sheet emerges as the SEO-optimized choice. Step into clarity, step into durability, step into the ONE PLASTIC experience.

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