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12mm PVC Foam Board

Our high-quality 12mm PVC foam board - the perfect material for all your signage and display needs! 


  • RY-364

  • 100% virgin PVC

  • Carton box/ kraft paper /PE bag/wooden pallet

  • 1220mm*2440mm


Why Choose Our 12mm PVC Foam Board

Get creative with the versatile and durable 12mm PVC Foam Board. Its lightweight and easy-to-manipulate design offers endless possibilities and stunning results. Use it for indoor and outdoor applications like signage, displays, and exhibits thanks to its resistance to moisture, impact, and temperature changes. Its smooth surface creates beautiful graphics and images effortlessly. Plus, it's an eco-friendly option made from recyclable materials without harmful chemicals. Order now to experience the boundless potential of the PVC Foam Board and bring your unique vision to life.

12mm PVC foam board

PVC Foam Board Specification Sheet

Product name 12mm PVC Foam Board

Production Process

PVC free foam board, PVC Celuka Foam Board




1220*2440mm, 1560*3050mm, 2050*3050mm, or customized






White, Black, red, yellow, wood grain


One  or two sides PE film, PE bags, standard export pallets,

Customized service

Cutting to size, printing, machining

OEM service

Customized PE film with LOGO

Packing and Delivery

At ONE PLASTIC, we provide PVC foam boards and packaging services to ensure that your products safely arrive in excellent condition.

Packaging specifications are as follows: 3 pieces per PE bag, 675 pieces per 20ft container, and 1500 pieces per 40HQ container.

Furthermore, we offer customizable PE logo film for your packaging needs.

PVC foam board packaging

Customization Service

At our company, we specialize in supplying PVC foam boards and offer a range of customized services to fit your specific needs. Our services include:

● Size: Our standard size is 1220*2440, but we also offer cut-to-size services.

● Color: In addition to the standard white, we offer a variety of colors including black, brown, and yellow.

● Density: We accept customization from 0.3-1.0g/cm⊃3;.

● Packaging: We provide packaging options such as PE bags and kraft paper.

● Printing: We offer printing services upon request.

● Engraving: Our professional processing center provides engraving services.

● Laminating: We offer laminating services, which involve laminating PVC foam boards with various patterns. We have a wide selection of patterns to choose from.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss how we can meet your specific requirements.

different cols of PVC foam board

PVC Foam Board Benefits

● Lightweight and easy to handle, easy to fabricate, paint, and laminate.

● Durable and resistant to weather and wear, consistent color and workability for indoor or outdoor use.

● Smooth and consistent surface, excellent for producing signage, displays, booths, stage sets, photo mounts, and models.

● Easy to cut and shape, any type of screw or nail can be used to fasten this material, and pre-drilling is typically unnecessary. Power nailers and screw driving equipment are suggested.

PVC foam board advantages

Tips for Storing PVC Foam Board:

When storing PVC foam board, follow these guidelines to ensure it stays in good condition:

● Store the boards flat, not upright, to prevent warping or bowing.

● Keep the boards in a cool, dry place to prevent moisture damage.

● Avoid stacking heavy objects on top of the boards, which can cause them to bend or break.

If storing multiple boards, separate them with a protective layer to prevent scratches or other damage.

●To maintain the performance and appearance of PVC foam board, please consider the following:

●Avoid exposing PVC foam board to direct sunlight or high temperatures, such as in a car, as this may cause severe deformation.

●When storing PVC foam boards, do not place them upright. Instead, they should be laid flat on a smooth surface to avoid bending and deformation over time.

●During transportation, use a wooden pallet or paper packaging to prevent deformation.

PVC foam board storage

PVC Foam Board applications

Here are all the applications of PVC foam board:

● 3D models

● Decorative partition walls

● Wall cladding

● Indoor and outdoor decoration

● Air conditioning ducts

● Windows

● False ceilings and walls

● Waterproof cladding

● Trim

● Baseboard

● Window or door molding

● Wall structures for corrosive environments

● Cabinets

● Architectural panels

● Ducts

● Advertising signboards

● Construction

PVC foam board is waterproof and fireproof and comes in over 200 colour options, with optional wood grain embossed surfaces. Custom pre-printed panels are also available.

PVC foam board application

PVC Foam Board Manufacturer in China

ONE PLASTIC is a leading Chinese manufacturer of PVC foam boards. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by our use of brand-new raw materials and 100% quality inspections. We offer free samples and fast delivery times, with a monthly capacity of 5000 tons to meet your needs. Our PVC foam board is versatile, affordable, and easy to cut and shape. It is perfect for various construction applications and is durable and resistant to weather and wear. Our PVC foam board is available in various sizes to fit your needs, making it suitable for building and constructing, creating signage and displays, advertising and marketing, or pursuing arts and crafts. Its smooth and consistent surface makes it ideal for printing and perfect for creating high-quality displays. Invest in the 12mm PVC Foam Board today and elevate your creative pursuits. Contact us to learn more about our products and services.

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