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PVC Foam Board for Center Console

PVC Foam Board for Center Console is a lightweight, durable, and versatile material suitable for marine applications.


  • RY-376

  • 100% virgin PVC

  • Carton box/ kraft paper /PE bag/wooden pallet

  • 1220mm*2440mm or 2050*3050mm


The center console is the hub of activity in your vehicle, and our PVC Foam Board is crafted to make it even better. Whether you're upgrading your car, boat, or any other vehicle, this foam board is designed to enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and durability of your center console. Constructed with precision, this PVC Foam Board offers the perfect blend of lightweight flexibility and robust strength. It’s engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use while providing a sleek and sophisticated finish.

But we don't stop at quality alone. Our commitment to eco-friendliness is paramount. This board is constructed from recyclable PVC, aligning with the values of sustainability while delivering top-tier performance. Working with this board is a breeze. Its smooth surface ensures easy cutting and customization, allowing you to bring your creative vision to life without complications.

Ready to enhance your center console? Elevate your vehicle's hub with our PVC Foam Board. Get yours today!

Attribute Description
Product Name PVC Foam Board for Center Console
Production Process PVC Free Foam Board, PVC Celuka Foam Board
Thickness (mm) Ranging from 1 to 30
Dimensions (mm) Standard: 1220x2440, 1560x3050, 2050x3050; Custom sizes available
Density (g/cm3) 0.30 to 1.00
Minimum Order (MOQ) 500KGS
Available Colors Options include White, Black, Red, Yellow, and Wood grain
Packing PE film protection on one or both sides, PE bags, Standard export pallets
Custom Services Offered for cutting to size, printing, and machining
OEM Services Customized PE film branding with your LOGO


Product Advantages

  1. Marine-grade durability, standing strong against saltwater and UV rays.

  2. Lightweight foam core, ensuring buoyancy and ease of installation.

  3. High impact resistance, safeguarding against potential damages.

  4. Non-corrosive, ensuring longevity even in challenging marine conditions.

  5. Smooth surface, allowing for easy customization and aesthetics.

Product Applications

The PVC Foam Board for Center Console is impeccably tailored for marine applications, notably:

  1. Center consoles in boats, providing a sturdy and reliable base.

  2. Yachts and larger vessels, offering a blend of luxury and functionality.

  3. Marine instrument panels and dashboard areas.

  4. Customized storage solutions for marine equipment.

  5. Marine display boards and signages.

PVC foam board application

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ONE PLASTIC has firmly established itself as a leader in premium marine plastic solutions. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility underscores our commitment to delivering excellence at every turn. We proudly offer competitive factory-direct pricing without any compromise on quality. Every product, crafted with years of research and passion, meets stringent ISO-certified standards, ensuring you receive the very best in the industry. Our commitment doesn’t just stop at the product: we also prioritize timely and efficient delivery, tailored to fit your project timelines. When planning your next marine project, trust in ONE PLASTIC's PVC Foam Board for Center Console, and navigate your endeavors with industry-leading materials at your helm. Choose ONE PLASTIC and experience the intersection of quality, innovation, and service.

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