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PVC Foam Board for Advertising

PVC foam board for advertising is a lightweight and durable material used to create high-quality signage for both indoor and outdoor advertising.


  • RY-385

  • 100% virgin PVC

  • Carton box/ kraft paper /PE bag/wooden pallet

  • 1220mm*2440mm


When it's about making an impact, your medium matters. Enter our PVC Foam Board for Advertising – the choice for advertisers who refuse to compromise on quality. Every message deserves to pop. With a smooth, even surface, this foam board ensures that printed visuals and graphics shine in all their glory. Vibrant colors, sharp text, and crisp images? Achieved effortlessly.

But it's not just about aesthetics. Crafted from high-grade PVC, this board offers durability that advertisers can trust. It’s sturdy, resisting dents and wear, ensuring your ads continue to captivate and inform, day in and day out. Size your ads perfectly. The adaptability of our PVC Foam Board allows for custom cuts, making it apt for both vast billboards and compact point-of-sale displays. Its versatility empowers your creativity.

In the bustling world of advertising, your message must rise above the noise. Our PVC Foam Board promises not only premium quality but also a pronounced presence. It's the canvas your campaigns deserve, capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression. From trade shows to retail spaces, the potential of this board knows no bounds. It's not just another advertising tool; it’s a game changer.

Ready to make your advertisements unforgettable? Step up your game. Order your PVC Foam Board for Advertising today. Let your message resonate, brilliantly and boldly.

PVC Foam Board Comprehensive Specification

Product name

PVC Foam Board for Advertising

Production Process

PVC Free Foam Board, PVC Celuka Foam Board




1220*2440mm, 1560*3050mm, 2050*3050mm, or Customized






White, Black, Red, Yellow, Wood grain


One or two sides PE film, PE bags, Standard export pallets

Customized service

Cutting to size, Printing, Machining

OEM service

Customized PE film with LOGO

PVC Foam Board Advanced Features and Capabilities

  1. Light and Easy: Simplifying installations and adjustments.

  2. Durable Surface: Resistant to wear, ensuring your advertisements remain pristine.

  3. Vibrant Display: Offers a superior surface for high-quality print results.

  4. Weather Resistant: Ensuring outdoor advertisements remain unaffected by environmental factors.

Emerging Product Applications and Trends 

The PVC Foam Board is essential for a myriad of advertising endeavors, such as:

  1. Billboards: Large-scale advertising displays, both indoor and outdoor.

  2. Point of Sale Displays: Captivating attention in stores and retail centers.

  3. Exhibition Panels: Creating striking backdrops and information panels.

  4. Directional Signage: Combining functionality with visibility.

PVC foam board application

Wholesale PVC Foam Board Supplier

ONE PLASTIC has positioned itself as a premier manufacturer and supplier, offering PVC Foam Boards meticulously tailored for the advertising industry's dynamic demands. At the core of our offerings are high-quality products, a reflection of our steadfast dedication to excellence and performance that endures. We adopt a factory-direct pricing strategy, ensuring that our valued clients benefit from exceptional value by directly passing on cost savings. Time is of the essence in advertising, and our commitment to prompt deliveries ensures that campaigns unfold seamlessly and on schedule. Furthermore, our ISO-certified operational standards serve as a clear testament to our uncompromising quality ethos. By aligning with ONE PLASTIC, clients are guaranteed advertising solutions that not only resonate but also endure and captivate their target audience.

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