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PET Plastic Sheet for Thermoforming

ONE Plastic Wholesale PET Plastic Sheet for Thermoforming, one of China leading PET plastic manufacturer&supplier.


  • RY-176

  • PET

  • 50kgs one roll or customized

  • Roll: 110-1280mm Sheet: 915*1220mm, 1000*2000mm


Thermoforming requires a blend of flexibility and resilience, and our PET Plastic Sheet has been precision-engineered to meet these exact needs. Catering to modern crafting and industrial applications, this sheet stands as an embodiment of innovation and efficiency. With its impeccable clarity and strength, our PET Plastic Sheet ensures that your thermoformed products are not just functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Whether you're crafting packaging, display units, or any form-specific project, expect results that capture every nuance of your vision.

But our commitment extends beyond unmatched quality. In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact, our PET Plastic Sheet resonates with sustainability. Being made from recyclable PET plastic, it not only offers premium performance but also promises a reduced carbon footprint, aligning your projects with eco-friendly standards. The sheet’s consistent quality guarantees a smooth thermoforming experience. Its uniformity ensures that heat distribution is optimal, resulting in flawless molding every time.

Are you ready to transform your thermoforming projects? Step into the future of craftsmanship. Opt for our PET Plastic Sheet for Thermoforming today!

Item Name PET Plastic Sheet for Thermoforming PET Plastic Sheet for Thermoforming
Product Type ROLL SHEET
Thickness Range (mm) 0.15-1.5 0.15-2.0
Width Range (mm) 0.15-0.4: 170-660, 0.41-0.8:170-1250, 0.81-1.50:500-1320 0.15-0.25: 300-660, 0.26-0.8:300-1250, 0.81-2.0:500-1320
Length Range (mm) N/A 0.15-0.30:300-660, 0.31-2.0:400-2440
Weight (KG) 0.15-0.4: max 70/ROLL, 0.41-0.8: max 100/ROLL, 0.81-1.50: max 270/ROLL Typical: 20-50/PACK
Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 1.35
Light Transmission ≧85%
Tensile Strength ≧44
Vicat Softening Point (℃) 60
Surface Characteristics Glossy (typical), protective film options, typically transparent but customizable colors
Surface Pretreatment Details Essential pre-printing surface treatment includes methods like corona, coating, and anti-static treatments. Ensure a dust and grease-free surface for optimal adhesion.
Appropriate Ink Types Eco-solvent, Solvent, Latex, UV, water-based
Recommended Printing Methods UV offset printing, silk-screen printing
Storage Recommendations Optimal storage at 30℃ in original packaging, protected from sunlight, moisture, and physical damage. Best used within three months.


Product Advantages

  1. Superior thermoformability, enabling precise and intricate molding.

  2. High transparency, ensuring clear visibility and product presentation.

  3. Resilient against impact, safeguarding formed products from potential damage.

  4. Chemically inert, ensuring product safety and longevity.

  5. Environmentally responsible, owing to PET's recyclable nature.

Product Applications

The PET Plastic Sheet for Thermoforming finds its niche in diverse applications, including:

  1. Food packaging, offering a clear view while maintaining freshness.

  2. Medical blister packs, ensuring hygiene and visibility.

  3. Consumer electronics packaging, showcasing the product while offering protection.

  4. Retail product displays, allowing for clear product visualization.

  5. Customized trays and containers for specialized industries.

PET film application

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Set against China's dynamic backdrops, ONE PLASTIC rises as an innovator, reshaping the contours of premium plastic solutions. At the core of our endeavors is our state-of-the-art factory, cementing our pledge to deliver unparalleled service. We seamlessly blend exemplary quality with affordability through our factory-direct pricing, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled value. Our stringent ISO-certified protocols vouch for our relentless pursuit of excellence, reaffirming our position in the industry. The fruits of our rigorous R&D and unwavering passion are evident in our avant-garde product lineup, setting us apart. Recognizing the immediacy of today's projects, our delivery models are fine-tuned for speed and efficiency. For a seamless fusion of form and function, opt for ONE PLASTIC's PET Plastic Sheet, tailor-made for precision thermoforming.

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