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Anti Fog PET Film

Anti-fog PET film is one kind new packaging material that works by applying an anti-fog coating on the surface of APET, making it have anti-fogging feature.


  • RY-170

  • PET

  • 50kgs one roll or customized

  • Roll: 110-600mm Sheet: Customized


Is mist clouding your view? Discover the ultimate solution with our Anti-Fog PET Film. Bid adieu to those hazy interruptions. Designed to keep your vision crystal clear under any condition - be it during an early morning jog or amidst the steam of culinary creations - this film ensures you never miss a beat. Clarity is paramount in our fast-paced world. The simple joy of not having to wipe your lenses constantly can be yours.  Our easy-to-apply film brings not just uninterrupted vision but also unparalleled durability. Whether you're a glasses wearer venturing into the cold, a chef handling the heat, or an athlete who can't afford foggy interruptions, our film is your steadfast ally. It promises lasting clarity, incredible resilience, and the peace of mind you've been seeking. Life's too fleeting for obscured views. Dive into every moment with pristine clarity. Elevate your daily experiences, and don't let fog dictate your pace.

Act now! Grab your Anti-Fog PET Film and let the world unveil its vividness before you.

Item Name Anti Fog PET Film
Thickness Range 0.15-1.5mm 0.15-2.0mm
Width Range 0.15-0.4: 170-660mm0.41-0.8:170-1250mm0.81-1.50:500-1320mm 0.15-0.25: 300-660mm0.26-0.8:300-1250mm0.81-2.0:500-1320mm
Length Range / 0.15-0.30:300-660mm0.31-2.0:400-2440mm
Weight 0.15-0.4: maximum 70KG/ROLL0.41-0.8: maximum 100KG/ROLL0.81-1.50: maximum 270KG/ROLL normal:20-50KG/PACK
Specific Gravity 1.35g/cm3
Light Transmission ≧85%
Tensile Strength ≧44
Vicat Softening Point 60℃
Surface Usually glossy, can coated with protective film on one side or both sides Usually transparent, can colored as per the customer's requirement.
Surface Pretreatment Surface pretreatment is required before printing to improve the energy or wettability of the surface and to increase the adhesion of ink and ribbons. Surface treatment methods include corona treatment, coating treatment, and anti-static treatment, The surface on which PET film is applied must be free of dust, grease, lubricant, and any other substances that may hinder the film from adhesion.
Suitable Ink Eco-solvent, Solvent, Latex, UV, water-based ink
Suitable Printing Method UV offset printing, silk-screen printing,
Storage The best temperature to store the product is about 30℃ in its original packaging, It's better to avoid damage from direct sunlight, high moisture, and falling down, Best used in three months.

Products Advantages

  1. Superior Anti Fog Properties: Consistently clear vision, irrespective of humidity or temperature changes.

  2. High Durability: Resistant to wear, scratches, and environmental factors.

  3. Easy Application: Designed for hassle-free installations on various surfaces.

  4. Eco-Friendly: Manufactured with sustainability and environmental impact in mind.

Product Applications

Our Anti Fog PET Film is a game-changer across multiple sectors. From automotive industries, where it's used on car windows and mirrors, to household applications on bathroom mirrors and shower enclosures. Its utility in eyewear, protective face shields, and camera lenses showcase its versatility. In commercial settings, it's the preferred choice for refrigerated display cases, ensuring products are always visible, irrespective of temperature differences.

PET film application

About ONE Plastic

Emerging from China's vast industrial tapestry, ONE PLASTIC proudly leads the charge in innovative plastic solutions. By selecting our Anti Fog PET Film, you're not just making a purchase; you're making a commitment to excellence. Our factory-direct pricing ensures that you receive unparalleled quality without the burdensome costs. Manufactured within an ISO-certified setting, we consistently exude and exceed global quality benchmarks, guaranteeing that each product is a reflection of our high standards. Recognizing the importance of punctuality in modern business, we've streamlined our processes for speedy deliveries. Furthermore, our competitive wholesale pricing offers scalable solutions, designed to cater to every demand magnitude. Dive into a future where vision remains unobstructed and embrace the unparalleled clarity offered by ONE PLASTIC's Anti Fog PET Film. Say goodbye to foggy disruptions and hello to pristine clarity.

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