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PVC Foam Board 6mm

6mm PVC FOAM BOARD is a lightweight, rigid, and durable material for digital and screen printing, crafts, modeling, and more.


  • RY-370

  • 100% virgin PVC

  • PE protective film/PE bag/wooden pallet

  • 1220mm*2440mm or 2050*3050mm


Venturing into the realm of advanced construction and creative crafts? Our 6mm PVC Foam Board is your unparalleled ally. Precision-engineered for both professionals and hobbyists, this board offers a canvas of possibilities, blending durability with adaptability. With a consistent thickness of 6mm, this foam board strikes the perfect balance. It's rigid enough to provide robust stability, yet its lightweight nature ensures effortless manipulation. Whether you're crafting intricate models, constructing display panels, or undertaking any DIY project, our board ensures your vision is realized with impeccable finesse.

Beyond its functional prowess, we're deeply committed to the environment. Our 6mm PVC Foam Board is crafted from eco-conscious materials, making it a sustainable choice without compromising on quality. Handling our board is a delight. Its smooth surface ensures easy cutting, shaping, and mounting, streamlining your workflow and eliminating potential hassles. Plus, its inherent resistance to moisture and chemicals guarantees longevity, providing you with a product that stands the test of time.

Ready to redefine the boundaries of your projects? Unlock a world of potential. Choose our 6mm PVC Foam Board today and craft with confidence!

Product Focus The Ideal Thickness for Enhanced Rigidity and Easy Handling
Material Base Premium-quality PVC, known for its durability and lightweight nature
Dimensional Consistency 6mm thickness – strikes the perfect balance between strength and malleability
Standard Sheet Size 1220mm x 2440mm – a versatile size for varied applications, from signage to cabinetry
Density Range 0.45-0.65g/cm3 – ensuring optimal rigidity and ease of workability
Surface Finish Smooth with a matte texture, ideal for painting, printing, or vinyl applications
Moisture Resistance Intrinsically resistant to water, making it suitable for humid and wet environments
Eco-Friendly Production Manufactured with environmental concerns in mind, recyclable, and free from harmful chemicals
Applications Spectrum Perfect for signboards, displays, furniture, wall panels, and architectural detailing
Quality Assurance Produced to international standards, ensuring consistent quality and performance


Product Advantages

  1. Precisely calibrated 6mm thickness, ensuring consistent performance across the board.

  2. Lightweight, making handling, transportation, and installation a breeze.

  3. Robust and durable, resisting impact, moisture, and environmental wear.

  4. Easy to fabricate, cut, and customize according to project requirements.

  5. Environmentally-friendly, aligning with modern sustainable practices.

Product Applications

The PVC Foam Board 6mm finds its strength and adaptability suitable for a variety of purposes, including:

  1. Interior and exterior signage, ensuring longevity and visual appeal.

  2. Architectural applications, such as wall paneling and false ceilings.

  3. Exhibition stands and kiosks, owing to its ease of fabrication.

  4. Protective barriers and partitions for offices and retail spaces.

  5. DIY projects, serving as a dependable base material.

PVC foam board application

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