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PVC Foam Board for Ceiling

ONE Plastic Group offer PVC foam board for ceiling is a lightweight and cost-effective alternative to traditional ceiling materials.


  • RY-371

  • 100% virgin PVC

  • Inner Side PE Film+Outter Side Kraft Paper+Polywood Pallet

  • 1220mm*2440mm or 2050*3050mm


Redefine the aesthetics of your spaces with our PVC Foam Board for Ceilings. When every inch of your room matters, the ceiling deserves nothing but the best, blending both function and form to uplift any interior environment. Why is our PVC Foam Board a cut above the rest? For starters, it offers unparalleled moisture resistance. No more concerns about dampness or mold. Your ceiling remains pristine, year after year.

Its lightweight nature makes installation a breeze, but don’t mistake this lightness for lack of strength. Durability is a hallmark of our board. It stands strong against wear and tear, ensuring that your ceiling remains timeless in both beauty and function. Aesthetically, it serves as a canvas for your creativity. Whether you're envisioning a classic, minimalist look or a more ornate design, our PVC Foam Board adapts to your vision. Paint, carve, or mold it to bring your ceiling dreams to life.

Don't let your ceilings be an afterthought. Choose our PVC Foam Board and elevate every aspect of your interiors. Turn to the top tier for ceilings today!

Feature Highlights PVC Foam Board: Elevate Your Ceiling Design
Product Spotlight PVC Ceiling Foam Board – A Modern Choice for Stylish Interiors
Craftsmanship Expertly processed using advanced Free Foam and Celuka techniques
Versatility in Thickness Choose from a diverse range starting from a sleek 1mm to a robust 30mm
Size Options Standard dimensions like 1220x2440mm, with flexibility in bespoke sizes up to 2050x3050mm
Density Crafted to perfection with densities ranging from 0.30 to 1.00 g/cm⊃3;
Minimum Order Eco-conscious bulk orders starting at 500KGS
Palette Shades Dive into a spectrum from pristine White to deep Wood grain, with vibrant options like Red and Yellow in between
Elite Packaging Each board is meticulously wrapped, using PE film and sealed in protective bags, all set on industry-standard pallets for export
Customization Perks Tailor-made solutions from precision cutting to high-resolution printing and detailed machining
Branding Advantage Stamp your identity! Opt for PE film imprinted with your exclusive logo

PVC foam board 10

Product Advantages

  1. Lightweight, facilitating easy installation.

  2. Resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew.

  3. Smooth finish, allowing versatile design possibilities.

  4. Fire-resistant properties for added safety.

  5. Sturdy and durable, promising longevity.

Product Applications

The PVC Foam Board is exquisitely tailored for ceiling installations in various environments, including:

  1. Residential homes for a modern touch.

  2. Commercial office spaces for a polished appearance.

  3. Retail outlets to enhance the shopping ambiance.

  4. Hospitality venues, like hotels and restaurants.

  5. Educational institutions for a refined look.

PVC foam board application

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From the vibrant landscapes of China, ONE PLASTIC shines as a premier manufacturer and supplier, dominating the PVC Foam Board sector. At the core of our operations lies a cutting-edge facility, enabling us to promise not only factory-direct pricing—fusing top-tier quality with affordability—but also products that stand as benchmarks of excellence, backed by our ISO certification. Every PVC Foam Board we craft is imbued with a legacy of expertise, reflecting our unwavering commitment to superior craftsmanship. Recognizing the fast-paced demands of the modern world, we pride ourselves on swift deliveries, ensuring your projects always proceed on schedule. If you're in search of a ceiling solution that encapsulates elegance and durability, ONE PLASTIC's offering emerges as the top SEO-optimized choice in the industry.

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