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Blister Thermoforming PP Plastic Sheet

  • Polypropylene Sheets


  • RY-522

  • Polypropylene Sheet

  • Both side of films and waterproof packaging with wooden pallets

  • 300mm-850mm


Ever felt the need for a packaging solution that melds sturdiness with adaptability? Our Blister Thermoforming PP Plastic Sheet is crafted just for that. Designed for perfection, it guarantees your products get the protection and presentation they deserve. Thermoforming has never been so effortless. With our sheet's unmatched malleability, crafting custom blisters tailored to your products becomes a breezy affair. But don’t let its flexibility fool you. This sheet offers robust protection against external factors, ensuring the integrity of the items encased within.

We understand the importance of eco-friendly choices in today's world. That's why our Blister Thermoforming PP Plastic Sheet is not just about premium quality but also about environmental consciousness. Made from recyclable PP plastic, it harmoniously marries sustainability with top-tier performance. Its uniform thickness and smooth surface guarantee easy and consistent thermoforming, leading to impeccable results every time. Say goodbye to inconsistencies and welcome a new era of reliable, top-grade packaging.

Ready to redefine your packaging game with unmatched finesse? Elevate your product presentation and protection. Choose our Blister Thermoforming PP Plastic Sheet now!

Attribute Description
Product Title Blister Thermoforming PP Plastic Sheet
Core Composition Premium-grade polypropylene optimized for blister thermoforming
Specialization Expertly designed for precision blister thermoforming applications
Sheet Types Provided in both roll and precision-cut sheet variants
Dimensional Traits Thickness artfully transitions from a precise 0.2mm to a solid 2.0mm; Widths span from a compact 300mm to a broad 850mm
Packaging Excellence Shielded internally with a PE film, further fortified by a kraft layer; Accompanied by a 76mm x 10mm reinforcing paper tube
Material Authenticity Manufactured from 100% top-quality virgin polypropylene
Surface Features Ranges from a clear gloss, ensuring visibility, to a matte finish for anti-glare attributes
Key Characteristics Enhanced for blister thermoforming, ensuring consistent shape, protection, and durability
Recommended Usage Ideal for packaging pharmaceuticals, electronics, consumer goods, and more, offering product visibility and protection
Flexibility Scale Harmonizes between steadfast rigidity and adaptable semi-rigidity, meeting diverse thermoforming needs


Product Advantages

  1. Seamless thermoformability allows for intricate and consistent molding.

  2. Crystal clarity or customizable aesthetics to elevate product visibility.

  3. Resilient structure, safeguarding against external pressures and impacts.

  4. Chemically inert, ensuring product integrity and safety.

  5. Eco-friendly, resonating with our dedication to sustainable practices.

Product Applications

The Blister Thermoforming PP Plastic Sheet shines in applications such as:

  1. Pharmaceutical packaging, encapsulating medicines with care.

  2. Consumer electronics, presenting and protecting with clarity.

  3. Cosmetic and personal care product packaging.

  4. Food packaging, ensuring edibles remain fresh and uncontaminated.

  5. Retail product displays offer a clear view of the enclosed items.

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