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OEM PP Sheet for Printing

  • Polypropylene Sheets


  • RY-518

  • Polypropylene Sheet

  • Both side of films and waterproof packaging with wooden pallets

  • 300mm-850mm


When you choose our OEM PP Sheet for Printing, you're investing in a higher standard. No more worries about inconsistent results or dull prints. Expect vibrant images that captivate and messages that resonate. This sheet promises consistency that sets you leagues ahead. What's more? Our sheets aren't just about aesthetics. They ensure longevity. Say goodbye to prints that fade or deteriorate with time. With our sheets, your print endures, making an impression for years. That's value right there.

Handling? As smooth as it gets! No more battling with inflexible materials. Our sheets boast adaptability, easing your printing process. They slide effortlessly into machines, minimizing jams or glitches. Moreover, we understand the impact of eco-friendly choices. That’s why our OEM PP Sheet for Printing stands tall as an environmentally conscious choice. Embrace quality that aligns with your eco-values. The horizon of printing is vast. But with the right companion, your journey is impeccable. Choose our OEM PP Sheet for Printing. Experience a seamless blend of quality and longevity.

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Attribute Description
Product Designation OEM PP Sheet for Printing
Core Material High-quality polypropylene, optimized for print compatibility
Customization Tailored to OEM specifications for perfect alignment with printing requirements
Sheet Types Available in both roll and precision-cut sheet formats
Dimensional Attributes Thickness curated from a streamlined 0.2mm to a robust 2.0mm; Widths ranging from a versatile 300mm to an expansive 850mm
Roll Dimensions Strategically manufactured to a standard diameter of 38 inches
Protection Protocol Internally shielded with a protective PE film, bolstered externally by durable kraft; Reinforced with a 76mm x 10mm paper tube
Material Quality Fabricated from 100% premium virgin polypropylene
Surface Adaptability Designed to accept a range of print finishes, from matte to glossy, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting prints
Key Attributes Anti-static, smear-resistant, ensuring crisp and clear print outcomes
Intended Uses Ideal for posters, banners, product labels, and other printed materials, assuring high-quality results
Flexibility Factor Offers both a firm structural rigidity and a modicum of semi-rigidity for varied printing applications


Product Advantages

  1. Exceptional ink adherence, guaranteeing vibrant and long-lasting prints.

  2. Superior flatness, ensuring consistent print quality.

  3. Lightweight and versatile, suitable for a variety of printing techniques.

  4. Resistant to moisture, chemicals, and UV, preserving print quality.

  5. Eco-conscious manufacturing, reaffirming our commitment to sustainability.

Product Applications

The OEM PP Sheet for Printing finds its prowess in an array of printing platforms, including:

  1. Signages and advertising banners.

  2. Point-of-purchase displays in retail environments.

  3. Graphic arts and intricate design projects.

  4. Packaging labels and product branding.

  5. Artistic reproductions and large-format prints.

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From the bustling epicenter of China, ONE PLASTIC shines as a beacon in the intricate realm of specialized plastic solutions. Bolstered by our top-tier OEM capabilities and ultramodern factory, we roll out a suite of distinctive benefits. Our commitment to factory-direct pricing ensures that our clientele receives unparalleled value, making premium quality accessible without the premium price. Our adherence to ISO-certified processes is a testament to our dedication to upholding global standards of distinction. We take pride in offering bespoke solutions, meticulously tailored to fit the unique printing demands of our customers. Fully attuned to the fast-paced nature of the printing sector, our delivery mechanisms are designed for agility and promptness. When you harness the potential of ONE PLASTIC's OEM PP Sheet for Printing, every output is not just a print but a work of art.

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