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Eco-friendly Colored PP Plastic Material Sheet

  • Polypropylene Sheets


  • RY-515

  • Polypropylene Sheet

  • Both side of films and waterproof packaging with wooden pallets

  • 300mm-850mm


Imagine crafting with vibrant colors that not only add charm to your projects but also cherish the environment. Introducing our Eco-friendly Colored PP Plastic Material Sheets – where brilliance meets responsibility. Each sheet wraps your ideas in dazzling shades without burdening our planet. Feel the satisfaction of knowing that every hue emerges from eco-conscious practices. From passionate reds to serene blues, our palette lets your creativity flow while ensuring Mother Earth smiles back at you.

Are you seeking a resilient material for your masterpieces? Our PP plastic sheets are durable. They stand firm against wear and tear, promising longevity for your projects. The smooth texture ensures effortless crafting, while its versatility is unmatched. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, an artist, or a professional, these sheets adjust to your demands. Why compromise aesthetics for eco-friendliness? Our sheets prove you don't have to. Reliability, vibrancy, and an eco-friendly stamp - they're the triple threat every craftsman dreams of.

Ready to redefine your crafting standards? Elevate your projects today with our Eco-friendly Colored PP Plastic Material Sheets. Grab yours now and let your eco-conscious creations shine!

Attribute Description
Product Name Eco-friendly Colored PP Plastic Material Sheet
Eco Composition Sustainable blends of PP, enhanced with eco-friendly dyes
Design Availability Provided in both adaptable rolls and fixed-size sheets
Dimension Specifics Thicknesses finely calibrated from a minimal 0.2mm up to a stout 2.0mm; Widths initiating at 300mm, extending up to an accommodating 850mm
Roll Specs Consciously designed with a maximum diameter of 38 inches
Packaging Artistry Internally shielded by a recyclable PE film, encased in an eco-conscious kraft exterior; Pallet-secured with a recyclable 76mm x 10mm paper tube
Material Integrity Sustainably sourced, 100% eco-virgin materials
Color Palette Environment-friendly shades ranging from Transparent, Pastel Tones, and Rich Earthly Hues, to Vibrant Colors. Custom eco-colors also catered
Surface Features The choice continuum from an eco-matte touch, nature-inspired gloss, to a unique flocked texture
Function Highlights Naturally Anti-static, Conductive attributes, augmented by efficient Static dissipation; harmonized for eco-printing
Green Techniques Crafted using energy-efficient methods, including solar-powered Thermoforming and low-emission Die cutting
Flexibility Grade Ranges between staunch rigidity and malleable semi-rigidity, all in eco-friendliness

Product Advantages

  1. Vivid, long-lasting colors to match varied aesthetic requirements.

  2. Made from eco-friendly polypropylene, it reinforces our commitment to the environment.

  3. Robust and durable, ensuring long-term performance.

  4. Lightweight and easy to fabricate, it is suitable for diverse applications.

  5. Resistant to chemicals, moisture, and wear.

Product Applications

The Eco-friendly Colored PP Plastic Material Sheet is multifaceted, apt for:

  1. Interior design elements such as wall cladding and partitions.

  2. Consumer product packaging combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.

  3. Outdoor signage and advertising boards.

  4. Protective casings for electronics and gadgets.

  5. Fashion and accessory design, bring vibrancy to eco-conscious creations.

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