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Yellow Polypropylene Sheet

  • Polypropylene Sheets


  • RY-531

  • Polypropylene Sheet

  • Both side of films and waterproof packaging with wooden pallets

  • 300mm-850mm


Yellow, the color of sunshine, optimism, and creativity, takes center stage in our premium polypropylene sheet. Whether you're crafting vibrant artwork or constructing an eye-catching display, this sheet brings a touch of joy and vibrancy to every endeavor. Beyond its captivating color, this sheet boasts unmatched durability. Crafted with care and precision, it strikes a flawless balance between flexibility and strength, ensuring your projects shine brightly for years, both in color and structure.

But our commitment extends beyond just quality. In our bid to harmonize craftsmanship with environmental stewardship, our Yellow Polypropylene Sheet is made from recyclable materials. Dive into a world where beauty coexists with eco-responsibility. The sheet’s smooth texture ensures effortless handling, allowing your ideas to flow seamlessly into creation. With uniform thickness and ease of use, every project becomes a hassle-free experience.

Eager to bring a dash of vibrancy to your endeavors? Illuminate your projects with our Yellow Polypropylene Sheet. Grab yours today!

Attribute Description
Product Name Yellow Polypropylene Sheet
Material Essence High-quality polypropylene, infused with a vibrant yellow tint
Color Profile Bright, sunlit yellow, ensuring both visual appeal and easy identification
Sheet Availability Presented in varied configurations, from rolls to precision-cut sheets
Dimensional Attributes Thickness transitions from a svelte 0.2mm to a hearty 2.0mm; Widths oscillate between a handy 300mm and a sprawling 850mm
Packaging Standards Securely encapsulated in a protective PE film, reinforced externally with robust kraft material; Further supported by a 76mm x 10mm paper tube
Material Authenticity Composed of 100% elite-grade virgin polypropylene
Surface Finish Ranges from a glossy sheen, highlighting the yellow hue, to a matte finish for subdued reflection
Key Advantages UV-resistant, anti-static properties, ensuring durability while retaining color vibrancy
Recommended Applications Ideal for signages, dividers, folders, and various industrial components where color differentiation is beneficial
Flexibility Balance Meticulously crafted to offer both staunch rigidity and a modicum of flexibility for shaping


Product Advantages

  1. Vibrant yellow shade, infusing applications with a touch of brightness.

  2. Unmatched durability, characteristic of premium polypropylene.

  3. Resistance to chemicals, moisture, and UV degradation, preserving its vivid hue.

  4. Lightweight and versatile, suitable for varied applications.

  5. Eco-conscious production, showcasing our commitment to sustainable practices.


Product Applications

The Yellow Polypropylene Sheet, given its distinct color, is ideal for:

  1. Signages and advertising boards, ensuring standout visibility.

  2. Interior design elements, providing a splash of color and vitality.

  3. Industrial components, where color differentiation or visibility is crucial.

  4. Artistic installations and DIY projects, benefiting from its vibrant backdrop.

  5. Packaging and product displays, offering a distinctive look.

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