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Food Grade Polypropylene Roll Sheets for Thermoforming

  • Polypropylene Sheets


  • RY-514

  • Polypropylene Sheet

  • Both side of films and waterproof packaging with wooden pallets

  • 300mm-850mm


Transform your thermoforming projects with our top-tier Food-Grade Polypropylene Roll Sheets. Made especially for those who prioritize both quality and safety in their creations, these sheets blend unparalleled durability with the assurance of food safety. Wondering how to elevate your packaging game? Dive into the world where strength meets purity. Our Polypropylene sheets are meticulously crafted, ensuring they hold their shape even in the most demanding conditions. Their impressive malleability allows for precise molding, ensuring your products have the perfect fit every time. Safety first! When it comes to food packaging, there's no room for compromise. Our roll sheets are food-grade certified, ensuring that they are free from harmful contaminants. The peace of mind that your products remain untainted and fresh is invaluable.

Take your thermoforming projects to new heights. Trust in the strength, purity, and precision of our Food-Grade Polypropylene Roll Sheets. Don't wait – order now and shape your success with confidence!

Attribute Description
Product Identifier Food Grade Polypropylene Roll Sheets for Thermoforming
Material Profile Premium-quality polypropylene, certified food-safe
Format Offered Specially designed in roll form for flexibility in usage
Dimensions Thickness curated from a sleek 0.2mm to a solid 2.0mm; Available widths range from a handy 300mm to a vast 850mm
Roll Dimensions Optimally engineered for a maximum diameter of 38 inches
Packaging Excellence Internally wrapped with food-safe PE film, externally protected by kraft; Supported by a robust pallet with a 76mm x 10mm paper tube
Material Quality Manufactured from 100% virgin, food-grade materials
Color Options Transparent to semi-opaque, ensuring food visibility; Customizable shades upon request
Surface Finish Options span from a glossy finish, offering clear visibility, to a matte finish for anti-glare properties
Performance Specifically designed for thermoforming processes; Ensures excellent mold conformity and food safety
Processing Techniques Ready for state-of-the-art thermoforming, ensuring consistent sheet quality and food safety
Rigidity Spectrum Balancing between the needs of firm rigidity and slightly flexible semi-rigidity


Product Advantages

  1. Manufactured to meet rigorous food safety standards.

  2. Optimal thickness and flexibility for precise thermoforming.

  3. Resistant to oils, acids, and other food-related agents.

  4. Transparent or customizable colors to enhance product visibility and appeal.

  5. Durable and recyclable, promoting sustainability.

Product Applications

The Food Grade Polypropylene Roll Sheets are specialized for a variety of thermoforming applications, including:

  1. Food trays for fruits, vegetables, and meats.

  2. Packaging for ready-to-eat meals and takeaways.

  3. Containers for dairy products like yogurt and cheese.

  4. Dessert and confectionery packaging.

  5. Customized packaging solutions for specialty foods.

PP sheet application

About ONE Plastic

ONE PLASTIC has firmly established itself as a frontrunner in the realm of food-grade plastic solutions. Driven by our state-of-the-art factory, we present a suite of compelling advantages. Our commitment to factory-direct pricing promises customers unparalleled quality without the burden of an exorbitant cost. Our steadfast adherence to ISO-certified manufacturing showcases our undying dedication to both safety and pinnacle quality. Each product we unveil is birthed from deep-rooted research, innovation, and a passion to lead the market. Fully grasping the imperatives of timely supply in the food industry, we've fine-tuned our delivery systems to guarantee uninterrupted production workflows. With ONE PLASTIC's Food Grade Polypropylene Roll Sheets, every package is a testament to freshness, unrivaled safety, and refined aesthetics.

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