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Petg Plastic Sheets for Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming PETG sheet is suitable for many kinds of thermoforming techniques, such as mechanical force, compressed air, or vacuum forming. There also no need special molds, the regular plastic,steel,aluminum,wood and epoxy mols are both workable to vacuum PETG plastic.
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Vacuum forming PETG plastic sheet is one type ideal plastic for creating cost-effective vacuum-formed containers with deep draws and precise details. 

Unlike other transparent plastics, PETG sheets with excellent physical strength and are less prone to breaking. So it can be used for vacuum forming all kinds of clear plastic parts, especially blister and clamshell packaging.

Furthermore, PETG sheet is FDA certificated plastic which can contact with food directly, so it is commonly utilized in the manufacturing of food containers and other kitchen-use products. 

If your products require packaging materials with high transparency to showcase the contents and its unique features, and to elevate the brand image, then our high-transparency PETG materials are ideal for you. These materials are particularly suitable for industries such as plastic packaging factories, high-end cosmetic packaging factories, and food packaging factories.


● Eco-friendly

● Excellent light transmission rate

● High physical strength

● Easily formed and bent

● Food contact directly

● Recycleable

Storage Tips

● Please store PETG sheets in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight or high humidity.

● Avoid placing heavy objects on the PETG sheet, as it may cause deformation.

● Keep the PETG sheet away from any sources of heat or fire.

● Store the plastic sheet at room temperature.

Blister Guide

Vacuum forming PETG sheet is suitable for many kinds of thermoforming techniques, such as mechanical force, compressed air, or vacuum forming. There also no need special molds, the regular plastic,steel,aluminum,wood and epoxy mols are both workable to vacuum PETG plastic.

Remove the protective PE film from the PETG sheet prior to thermoforming.

PETG sheets do not require pre-drying and can be vacuum-formed directly.

The typical thermoforming temperature range for PETG is between 120ºC to 160ºC.

Higher temperatures may reduce the material's impact resistance.

Lower temperatures are recommended to protect the sheets from damage during thermoforming.

vacuum forming PETG sheet

Item NamePETG Plastic Sheets for Vacuum Forming
Transparent Rate89%
WidthLess than 1200MM
Intrinsic Viscosity0.750+/-0.015dL/gUbbelodhe viscometer
Density1.27g/cm³ASTM D792
Moisture Absorption0.15%ASTM D570
Tensile Strength@Yield 50mm/min( inch/min)497kgf/cm²ASTM D638
Tensile Strength@Break 50mm/min( inch/min)282kgf/cm²ASTM D638
Elongation@Yield 50mm/min( 2inch/min)3.68%ASTM D638
Elongation@Break 50mm/min(2 inch/min)136%ASTM D638
Flexural Strength 1.27mm/min(2 inch/min)620kgf/cm²ASTM D790
Flexural Strength 1.27mm/min(3 inch/min)20800kgf/cm²ASTM D790
Falling dart impact(Low temperature)


Falling dart impact(Atmospheric temperature )1702gASTM D358
Lzod Impact Strength Notched@23 ℃97J/mASTM D256
Rockwell Hardness105.6℃R-scale
Heat Distortion Temperature 0.45Mpa(66 psi)77.2℃ASTM D648

ONE PLASTIC was founded in 2012,now it is one of China leading manufacturers of PETG plastic. Over the past decade, we have earned the trust of over 500 clients across 50 countries. Our factory boasts two PETG plastic sheet extrusion lines and ten PET extrusion lines, giving us a monthly production capacity of 5000 tons.

As a professional PETG sheet supplier, we strictly adhere to the highest standards of manufacturing. Our comprehensive quality control system ensures that you receive competitive prices and timely delivery from ONE PLASTIC.

In addition to PETG sheet for vacuum forming, our sheets offer a wide range of applications, including PETG sheet for printing, PETG sheet for painting, and the creation of various craft products.

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We are devoted to offering a wide range of cost-effective plastic materials, utilizing our extensive experience in the plastic manufacturing industry and robust R&D capabilities to provide one-stop solutions for our customers. 
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