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Transparent PETG Plastic Sheet

ONE Plastic is a leading Clear PET Sheets Roll manufacturer in China,we produce PETG sheet in rolls and provide processing service.
  • PETG Sheet


  • PETG

  • 50kgs one roll or customized

  • 4*8 3*6 3*4 700*1000mm or customized


PETG is an engineering thermoplastic sheet. PETG provides the ability to create complicated shapes, fine details, deep drawing and complex curves, with no concern for durability. It brings increased design freedom and lower manufacturing costs. In sheet form, PETG has the impact strength and manufacturing ease that acrylic does not have. It provides high impact strength, good clarity, and is easy to shape, punch and fabricate.

Item Name Transparent PETG Plastic Sheet


1.27 g/cm³

Impact Strength

850 J/m

Tensile Strength

≥60 N/mm²

Tensile Stress at Break

≥65 Mpa

Specific Heat

1.33 KJ/Kg.K

Heat Deflection Temperature

140 ℃

Range of Temperature

-40 to 77 ℃

Light Transmission


Flexural Strength

100 N/mm²

Modulus of Elasticity

2400 Mpa

Elongation at Break

>100 %

Heat Conductivity

0.2 W/㎡.K

Coecffcient of Thermal Expansion

0.067 mm/m.℃


Food Grade

Product Features

Transparent PETG Plastic Sheet features

1.High Transparency

The transparency rate of PETG Plastic Sheets is 90%, which is better than PVC sheet & PET sheet, it can be used in face shield.

2. Low Density

The density of Anti-Fog PETG Plastic Sheets is 1.27g/cm3, if use same size PVC or PET sheets, the weight of PETG is lighter.

3. Good Impact Resistance

PETG Plastic Sheets is full of elasticity, not easy to be out of shape, rigid, and has good shockproof and cushioning functions.

4. Easy to Machine

PETG Plastic Sheets is a good processing material. We mainly provide: carving, bending, vacuum forming, etc.

5.Environmentally Friendly and Non-toxic

It is non-toxic, tasteless, has good hygiene and safety, and can be directly used for food containers.

Product Application

Transparent PETG plastic Sheets Application

*Indoor and Outdoor use

*Petg boxes

*Anti-droplet Baffle

*Food Displays/Bins/Dividers

*Plastic Shelving Rack

*Exhibition Boxes

*Vending Machine Faces

*Cosmetic Packaging

*Roofing Sheets

*Sunshine Rooms

*Machine Covers

*Isolation Masks

PETG sheet applications

Packing and Transportation

Transparent PETG plastic sheets packing details

Sample: A4 size transparent PETG plastic sheet with PP bag inbox

Sheet packing: 30kgs per bag,or follow your request.

Roll Packing:50kgs per roll,inner side PE film,outer side Karft papers

Pallets Packing: 500- 2000kg per wooden pallet

PETG sheets packing

Payment and Delivery

Transparent PETG plastic sheet payment and delivery

Payment term: 100% L/C, or 30% TT deposit and 70% TT balance before shipment.

Delivery: FOB, CIF, EXW, DAP, DDU

Port: SHANGHAI or NINGBO sea ports.

Production Leading Time: 7-10 days for 5tons, 10-15 days for 202GP container.


What is the normal thickness of transparent PETG plastic sheet?

We are the leading transparent PETG plastic sheet supplier in China, we can make PETG sheet thickness from 0.15MM to 6MM. The normal thickness of PETG sheet is 0.3 mm thick PETG sheet, 0.5MM PETG plastic sheet, 1MM PETG sheet, 3MM PETG plastic sheet.

What can I buy wholesale transparent PETG plastic sheet?

One Plastic is a leading transparent PETG plastic sheet manufacturer in China, you can send your enquiry to get the latest quotation.

Can I get free sample of transparent PETG plastic sheet?

ONE Plastic is the leading China transparent PETG plastic sheet supplier, we can provide free A4 size sample for your testing.

What is the production leading time for transparent PETG plastic sheet?

ONE Plastic is leading transparent PETG plastic sheet factory, the monthly production capacity is more than 500tons. There are 2 PETG sheet extrusion machines in our factory, the production leading time is 5-7 days for 10 tons order quantity, 10-15 days for full container quantity.

Can you recommend transparent PETG plastic sheet suppliers?

ONE PLSTIC, one of the leading transparent PETG plastic sheet supplier and manufacturer in China, We have more than 10 years' export and production experience. You can send us your enquiry to get the latest quotation.

How to cut transparent  PETG plastic sheet?

You can use a fine-toothed saw, a hacksaw, or a non-melting table saw blade to cut PETG plastic sheet. You can also drill small holes to make the it easier to cut through, or slice through thick PETG sheet with a piece of string.

What color do you do for transparent PETG plastic sheet?

We are China leading PETG plastic sheet supplier, we can make custom colors, such as clear PETG sheet, white PETG sheet, black PETG sheet, blue PETG sheet.

Are you a transparent plastic sheet PETG sheet manufacturer or a trading company?

ONE Plastic is the leading PETG sheet manufacturer, we have more than 10 years of manufacturer and exports experience. Send your enquiry to us to get the wholesale PETG clear plastic sheet price.

Do you have cut-to-size transparent  PETG plastic sheet?

There is a plastic machining center in our factory, so we can supply PETG sheet cut-to-size. We also provide engrave/die cut/printing/drill service.

Do you wholesale transparent PETG plastic sheet?

We are a PETG sheet manufacturer,  you can always get the factory price from ONE Plastic. If your order quantity is less than 1000kgs, we suggest you buy from the PETG sheet distributor.

About ONE Plastic

ONE PLSTIC, one of the leading China transparent PETG plastic sheet factory, established in JIANGSU, CHINA in 2012.

We have two factories. We also supply PET sheets& Film, PETG film, APET film, RPET film, GAG film, BOPET film and other plastic packing materials

In the early period of our company, we paid attention to the advanced technology and the production equipment. We strictly follow the manufacturing steps and QC system. Thanks to our continuous investment in manufacturing facilities and over a decade of experience in plastic packaging, we are now a leading manufacturer in the field of plastic packaging.

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